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1 pm ~ Self Hypnosis for Beginners

Tamra Fakhoorian ~ Hypnotist and Life Coach 

30 minutes ~ Free with admission

Wish you could lose weight or quit smoking without the accompanying cravings that sabotage your efforts? Ready to reduce stress or improve your mental focus without prescription drugs or therapy? You CAN through self-hypnosis. Tamra Fakhoorian, certified Hypnotist and Life Coach from BrainShft will describe basic hypnosis and how anyone can easily learn self hypnosis to permanently replace old harmful habits with healthy new ones. Tamra shares personal experiences and describes how self hypnosis can take you from the disappointing, “Promise, Regret, Rebound” cycle we commonly experience to one of, “Expectation, Self-hypnosis, WIN!”  Join us!

February 2017

5:00 ~ Healing Crystals

Susan K. Edwards, L.S.H., Light Worker,  Spiritual Coach

20 minutes ~ Free with admission

Explore the folk lore and science behind healing crystals. Separate myth from fact and discover how and why crystals work. Learn how to select, cleanse and care for your crystals.

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2:00 ~ Sweetness Spell

Michelle Embree

20 Minutes ~ Free with admission

This old spell is employed when you want to "sweeten" someone or something to go your way, or favor you in business or fortune. Very simple and powerful. 


Schedule (evolving - check back often!)

A family-friendly event showcasing local and regional businesses providing

holistic and alternative approaches to healthy mind, body and spirit. 

4:00 ~ Creating an Empowerment Circle

Dela Lihon 
20 minutes ~ Free with admission

Creating an Empowerment Circle with the Egyptian Healing Rods! Including discussion on chakra balancing, energy clearing, and methods for centering!

3:00 ~ Reducing Stress with Essential Oils

Yolanda Heath, Nurse and Aromatherapist

20 minutes ~ Free with admission

Learn the basics on how to use essential oils  to reduce the daily stresses of life.

Are you interested in being a vendor, reader or volunteer? Contact Susan for more information.