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Intro to Astrology

Saturday, 18 November, 2017   1pm - 3pm  Tuition: $25

Five Pillars of Astrology
If you are curious about learning astrology, then feel free to join us to discuss the astrological basics. In this class we’re going to cover the planets, signs, houses, aspects, and other important points to keep in mind. Handouts will be provided, and when this class is done, you will have all of the basic information you need to pursue further study.

Taught by guess teacher, Bill Duvendack. He is an ordained independent Spiritualist minister, and has been walking the path of metaphysics for just shy of a quarter of a century. he is also an astrologer, author, photographer, drummer, shaman (as my Cherokee friend tells me), author, columnist, horoscope writer, teacher, and essayist.

Registration Required

Intuitive Readings with Brandt Graves

Saturday, November 11th, Noon - 4pm

Need insight to wrap up 2017 and a fresh start for 2018? Get answers with a reading from our in-house psychic, Brandt Graves. Brandt's mission is to provide spiritual healing, guidance, and insight. Sessions are $45.00 for thirty minutes or $75.00 for an hour. Schedule a reading. 270-444-6115

Crystal Basics
Tuesday, 14 November, 2017   6pm - 7pm $10
Explore the folk lore and science behind healing crystals. Separate myth from fact and discover how and why crystals work. Learn how to select, cleanse and care for your crystals.

Aromatherapy Pain Relief Recipe Make & Take
Tuesday, 28 November, 2017   6pm - 7pm $10
Learn how to blend essential oils for a soothing pain relief formula for yourself or to give as a gift! You will have several aromatherapy pain relief recipes to choose from and everything is supplied for this Make & Take class.

Holiday Open House 
Sunday, November 5th, Noon - 5 pm Free

Come Join the businesses of Downtown Historic Paducah for our 2017 Holiday Open House - There will be special treats, fun, specials at restaurants and lots of great shopping to kick off your holiday season. 

Dickens of A Christmas ~ Small Business Saturday
Saturday, 25 November, 10am - 4:30pm

Sales, refreshments and events throughout Historic Downtown Paducah.

Empaths. No you’re not crazy, yes it’s real.
Saturday, 18 November, 2017   10am - 11am $10
Are you an Empath? What does that even mean!? Am I crazy, is it real? Learn effective techniques to protect yourself from drama queens and energy vampires. Are you affected by other people's energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others? Are other’s always telling you that you are “too sensitive”? This is one of our most popular classes. Make reservations early!

Intro to Astrology with Bill Duvendack

Guided Meditation - 1st Tuesday of every month -
Tuesday, November 7th 6pm - 7 pm FREE Suggested Love Offering of $5
Join us the first Tuesday of each month. Start with a 5 minute discussion about how to meditate and then a 20 minute guided meditation on a timely subject. We'll end the session with a blessing for Mother Earth then a brief discussion of your experience. 

Awaken Your Psychic Abilities 

Saturday, 4 November, 2017   10am - 1pm $25

Develop your psychic abilities and intuition during this 3 hour workshop. You will learn how to expand your awareness and tap into the subtle energies all around us. The class will cover a wide range of techniques but we will focus on Psychometry. Psychometry is a psychic ability in which a person can sense or "read" the history of an object by touching it. We will cover personal protection, ethics of doing a reading and have hands-on practice. You will leave feeling confident of your abilities. And yes, EVERYONE is psychic!

Bending Spoons

Saturday, 11 November, 2017   10am - 11am $10

Join us for a fun psychokinetic (or Telekinetic) exercise to learn how to bend a spoon. You will learn how to meditation and control your mind to bend objects without the use of physical force. Can you bend a spoon? You won't know until you try!