Self Empowerment 

Saturday, 7 October, 2017   10am - 11am $10

Need to reclaim control of your life? Learn how to break energetic barriers people have. Take control, set some life goals, and learn how to believe in yourself. Parasitic and limiting psychic cords will be cut and negative ties will be released. Life changing!

Guided Meditation - 1st Tuesday of every month -
Tuesday, October 3rd 6 - 7 pm FREE Suggested Love Offering of $5
Join us the first Tuesday of each month. Start with a 5 minute discussion about how to meditate and then a 20 minute guided meditation on a timely subject. We'll end the session with a blessing for Mother Earth then a brief discussion of your experience. 

Energy Vampires 

Tuesday, 24th October 6-7 pm $10
Yikes! We’ve all seen the movies and read the stories and know they aren’t real. Right? Wrong! Oh, energy vampires are out there, and they are more than happy to drain you of every bit of your precious energy. In fact, you probably have known one or two in your life. Get rid of those suckers right now and reclaim your energy.

Hands for Healing ~ Special Event
Saturday, 14 October, 2017 Noon ~ 6pm
Join us for a day of healing ~ for ourselves and for all those affected by recent natural disasters. We will have activities all day including several intuitives and energy healers doing mini readings and healings for a small fee. Receive a vibrational tuneup, chair massage, Reiki and/or a reading. A portion of the proceeds from the store event will be donated to charities working to help victims in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Can’t make it for the event? All proceeds from the donation site, site will be donated. 

Psychic Self Defense
Tuesday, 10 October, 2017  6pm - 7pm $10
Having trouble sleeping due to things that go bump in the night? You’re not alone and you’re NOT helpless. Get answers as to how to identify, and protect yourself and your family from uninvited ‘guests’ in your home, office or life. 

October 2017 Events

Wildhair Studios' Rock Shop

Removing Curses and Hexes  
Saturday, October 21st 10-1aam $10
Think you, your family or your property has been cursed? While extremely rare, curses do exist. Sometimes they’ve been handed down for generations and occasionally a property can be cursed. So what can you do? While not all ill-intent can be reversed, we will explore some positive Love-based approaches to freeing yourself from the past and opening up your future. 

Saturday, October 28th 10-11 am
Think you, your house or office might be haunted? Join us to explore what you should be looking for, how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Experts from Jackson Purchase Paranormal Investigation group will be on hand to explain equipment and answer questions. 

Spiritual uses of Essential Oils
Tuesday, 17 October, 2017   6pm - 7pm $10
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to instantly soothe or enliven. They are also known for their health supporting, spiritual and emotional uplifting properties. This intro class explores the spiritual uses of essential oils. You will leave with recipes and samples to use in your own spiritual practices.