​Jodi Tinsley ~ Palm Reader

Psychic medium and clairvoyant, Jodi is also known as the Paducah Psychic and is here to bring you a message from the Universe. What does my future hold? Should I follow a particular path? Will I find the perfect partner? Your palm holds the answer to all your questions. His over-sized personality and out of the box readings will help you in areas you didn't even know you had questions! 

Jodi also works with departed spirits to help grieving families bring light and closure to a painful chapter. Jodi's readings are designed to help people move forward in their lives. 

Meet Our Readers

Brandt Graves ~ Clairvoyant and Natural Medium

Brandt offers readings using tarot cards and spiritual communication. His spiritual guides and gift of clairvoyance allows him to put himself in the perspective of his client in order to help them discover the path that would be most beneficial to their lives. Brandt is rated five stars, in the top 20 out of 1400 psychics by one of the largest psychic connection sites in the United States. He has helped solve three missing persons cases, one being as far away as Scotland. Brandt discovered his gifts after a near death experience when he was very young. Trauma and learning to be in tune with his gifts has propelled him forward and given him the motivation to keep moving onward throughout his journey. His goal in working with Bridges to Light is to be a voice of reason and guidance to those who feel lost or unsure on their life path. Brandt believes in turning pain into power and learning more about yourself are the keys to healing and moving your life into a positive direction. Skills: Mediumship; Clairvoyance; Empathy; Cartomancy.

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February 2017

Michaela Turner - Akashic Records with the Tarot

See what is before, around, and behind you. Past Life Influences Current Life Predictions

Michaela Turner, MA, also known as DeerWolf, is nationally renowned for her Akashic Record consultations. A shaman practitioner, Michaela has studied indigenous cultures and tribes and teaches native ways. She conducts quarterly group journeys.

Michaela’s gifts opened naturally in 1986 while she was giving birth, and she turned to the Tarot to gain ground and mastery over her abilities. She did readings for her friends before she began professional consultations in 1989.  Michaela learned how to open The Akashic Records in 2002.  

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Kathy Musser ~ Tarot
As a child I felt other people’s emotions but didn’t understand why.  I knew when bad things were about to happen but wasn’t aware at the time that was unusual.  It wasn’t until I obtained my first Tarot deck in high school that I began to understand that I had abilities that not everyone shared. 

I studied divination and practiced the Tarot along with other arcane arts in my early twenties and soon after I began reading Tarot professionally.  I have continued to do so through the years and have been working full time as a Tarot Reader since 2005.
My website is www.tarotbykcmusser.com

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Michelle Embree is a skilled Oracle who has developed her skills as an Intuitive Reader and a healer of the mind/heart over the course of fifteen years. 

She is proud to offer her ever-evolving services to those who seek a stronger inner compass and a story large enough to hold the great pains and deep joys of being human.

Deonna Page Smith ~ Spiritual Adviser

"Not your run of the mill rainbows and unicorns psychic medium." Where to go when you need the truth; unbiased. Deonna practices general readings, tarot and pendulum and specializes in mediumship and Love. She is an intuitive, sensitive, empathic, clairvoyant, psychic medium.