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Our new Zen Den is ready! We will have intuitive readers available most weeks Wednesday through Saturday for 20 minute walk-in readings. Most readings will be $25.  You can schedule a time if desired, 270-444-6115, or just stop in.

You can also do a phone session ($25) if you can't make it into the store. 

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Emelia Fox ~ Medium 

Emelia is a certified natural born medium who specializes in connecting with loved ones who have passed . If your loved ones have crossed over, chances are they are waiting to send messages to help you resolve issues in this life. It is Emelia's passion and purpose to deliver these messages. Her sessions are 30 minutes and $35. She does not use Tarot cards. She connects with your loved ones to deliver their messages. 

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Amber Pitt

Amber uses Tarot and intuition to provide spiritual healing, guidance, and insight. 20 minutes, $25


Cody Martin

I believe Oracle is a beautiful and intuitive tool for tapping into the flow of energy that is influencing us while gaining insight as to what steps we need to take. I come to Oracle card readings with the perspective of healing, self-exploration, and strategies for dealing with things as they are or for moving forward or towards a goal, not from an attempt at telling the future which I do not believe is fixed. We can however take a look at where things are headed and change course moving closer to where you hope to get to. 

My journey to spirituality has been a long one. I was always seeking something outside myself for healing. After years of hard roads and negative consequences I finally surrendered to a Higher power that I depend on daily. Through hard work and a willingness to be open and honest I now have a direct conscience contact with my higher power. I currently sponsor woman who are trying to overcome alcohol and drug addiction through a spiritual program of action that I have used myself to overcome addiction. I make it my habit to study various type of spirituality so that I can get on a personal level with people without pushing my own spiritual views. I use intuition and common since in all my decisions today. I am constantly going on spiritual adventures to build my intuition and find strength to walk through life lessons. My aim is to help other people heal and find hope in faith that there is a purpose for all of us and we are simply spiritual beings having a Human experience.  20 minutes, $25

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Kacey Darling 


Kacey Darling is a long time resident of Paducah. She works in full-time marketing, mamas three kids, and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Performance Coaching. Kacey’s loves to help people discover their best selves. As a long time student of personality development, she combines the intuitive use of Tarot with her passion for self-development to help herself and others overcome obstacles, and pursue the right path for their lives. She believes in equipping ourselves with strong self-awareness to overcome destructive patterns, be better in touch with spirit, and pass positivity and love on to the world around us.  20 minutes, $25

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Sashia Wede


I am Actualizing the Realization that I am God in every step and cognitive breath. A bearer of Light!.

20 minutes, $25

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Rebekah VanCleave ~ Intuitive Palm Reader and Spiritual Guide

I grew up in the woods near the Missouri Current River, and I followed every creek I found. I believe the magic I discovered at a young age became alive in me, and it's my intention to share the peace I've found. I began reading palms on my own as it a gift given to me at birth. I choose to use it only to help others see what they may be blinded to, and to help alleviate emotional distress carried on from the past.
All I ever wanted to be was a lighthouse, to shed light on the dark, and to lead the lost home. Naturally a happy person, I set out to share my joy with everyone I cross paths with.

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JoAnna Owen ~ Tarot


Joanna is an intuitive empath as well as a reader of tarot. She uses the major arcana of the tarot to offer guidance and insight to messages from the spirit.

Meet our other Psychics

Check schedule for when they will be available, or call to request a reading. 

​​Brandt Graves

Call to see if he is available. Brandt Graves. Brandt's mission is to provide spiritual healing, guidance, and insight. Email me or call 270-444-6115 to check availability and cost. 

Kelly Colwell

Call to see if she is available for an appointment. 
Through her spiritual guidance, Kelly has helped many to move forward and create the happy loving and successful lives they deserve by helping them to remove blockages and balance their energy. Kelly is an intuitive life consultant, holistic healer, and spiritual teacher. She has the ability to "read" your aura and can often bring balance by working with angelic vibrations and healing frequencies. She also works with Angel tarot, and healing frequencies during her readings. She has been and intuitive guide for those in need of emotional and spiritual guidance for 30 years. Readings are $45 for 30 minutes. Contact us for an appointment. Email or call 270-444-6115

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​Michelle Embree 

Call to see if she is available. Michelle is a skilled Oracle who has developed her skills as an Intuitive Reader and a healer of the mind/heart over the course of fifteen years. She is proud to offer her ever-evolving services to those who seek a stronger inner compass and a story large enough to hold the great pains and deep joys of being human.

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Jeremy Hayes

He has been doing readings for over 20 years. He uses various tarot decks and astrology to help people find answers to problems and guidance through any situation. His goal is to help, heal, and provide clear answers using his various psychic skills. He's very excited to join the team here! 


Patsy Patricia is a Spirit Listener, Psychic Medium, Meditation Master and Author. She has helped many people who have come to gain insight into their lives and the paths they have been following. She listens and brings messages from Spirit, angels, ancestors and your higher self.

Patsy has been studying the metaphysical for 12 years and has worked to bring out her special intuitive gifts. She has studied with Denise Linn and is a certified past life regressionist. She offers personal readings and group readings via phone and in person. Patsy works to help people find the answers they are seeking with meditation, local intuitive classes and events.

Patsy lives in Clarksville, TN and is extending her circle of friends, clients and friends to the surrounding areas. She currently works from her home office and AromaG’s in Nashville.