Candle Making

Bring a small, clean glass jar and make your own up-cycled candle! (free) We'll provide the wax, wick and expertise to help you. You'll provide the jar and creativity to decorate it! 

Recycled Noise Makers

Turn a toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tube into a fun musical instrument or noise maker. We'll provide the rattles and decorating materials.. Take home your treasure.


Learn How to Create a Plastic Bottle Planter

We'll provide all the materials needed for a recycled plastic bottle planter, including the dirt and seeds.

These crafts are while supplies last

Protect Our Endangered Species

Learn the importance of bio diversity and safe, sustainable ways to stop the use of pesticides  and other harmful poisons.

Free recipes for natural and sustainable pest and weed control.

We'll have a bee expert on hand to talk about their important role in our survival.

Meditation ~ Prayer Room​

We'll have a room setup for you silently pray and meditate for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Group prayers are extremely powerful and we hope you will take a moment to come (and go) as you wish in our prayer room. We will provide you with a written prayer suggestion or you may pray your own prayer. 

The Power of Water

We'll have information about the power of crystal  elixir water. How and why it works and water bottles for sale. 

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