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Halloween Party (Free)

Haunted Carriage Rides $15 each

Wednesday, October 30 6 - 9 pm

30 minute rides are $15 each. Start at 7 pm. 

Brouhaha!! Join us for our first ever Halloween Costume party and Haunted Carriage Rides.


How fun! Dress up in your favorite costume* and join us for a scary good time. In addition to the party at the store, We've rented the John's Pass Carriage for Haunted rides through the dark side of Paducah. Hear all the Downtown Ghost stories.


Rides are $15 each person. Limited spots available. First ride is at 7, 7:30 & 8. Carriage can handle 10 each trip. Prepaid Reservations required. Contact us  (270-444-6115) if you want to go on the ride. We'll have refreshments and fun!


Costume contest with prizes... more!!! Don't be disappointed ! Reserve your spot on the carriage now. 270-444-61154

*Regarding costumes... no 'wet' costumes like dripping blood. You will not be allowed in the store or the carriages. Remember you are responsible for any breakage in the store... so keep your costumes modest in size! No big wide or swinging parts please. Keep your costumes appropriate and family friendly. Thanks! 

Don't be Disappointed! Purchase Your Ticket for 7:00, 7:30 Or 8:00 pm

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