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3 Things To Do On A Full Moon For Personal Growth

A variety of crystals set against a serene night landscape under a bright Full Moon, creating an atmosphere of mystic and renewal.

This week's Full Moon on Thursday is a beacon for communication, attitude, and adventure. As it illuminates our night, a powerful energy within us that has been building is now on the verge of bursting forth. The cosmos is urging us to express ourselves fully and without reservation.

Over the next two weeks, we'll embark on a 'journey of self-discovery,' a process of introspection and reflection that can lead to personal growth and transformation. As we explore the profound changes this release can bring, we may uncover new insights about ourselves and our desires. Now is the time to let go of what no longer serves us, celebrate our progress, and embrace the sense of renewal this Full Moon brings. What feelings or ideas are you ready to release and explore?

3 Full Moon Tips

  1. Moonlit Crystal Charge: Choose crystals that align with communication and adventure, such as Blue Lace Agate for clarity in expression and Moonstone for intuition and emotional balance. 'Charging' crystals refers to the process of exposing them to the Full Moon's energy, which can cleanse and amplify their natural properties. Place these crystals under the light of the Full Moon to cleanse and charge them, enhancing their energy. As you set them out, focus on your intention to release old patterns and welcome new opportunities for growth and exploration.

  2. Crystal-Infused Moon Water: Create moon water by placing a clear glass of water with crystals like Clear Quartz or Sodalite around or inside. This process involves the water absorbing the energetic properties of the crystals under the Full Moon's light. Set this out under the Full Moon to absorb its vibrant energies. Use this water over the next days to anoint yourself before important conversations, or water plants to imbue them with the moon's communicative and adventurous energies.

  3. Guided Crystal Meditation: During the Full Moon, meditate with a specific crystal like Lapis Lazuli, known for enhancing self-expression and truth. Hold the crystal in your hand or place it on your throat chakra as you meditate. Visualize the Full Moon's light streaming down, charging both you and the crystal with energy that supports clear, courageous communication and a willingness to embark on new adventures. As you meditate, set clear intentions for what you wish to release and invite into your life, focusing on your desired qualities and experiences.

Journal Prompt: Reflect on the energy of this month's Full Moon, emphasizing communication, adventure, and letting go. Write about a particular situation or emotion building up inside you. How can you express these feelings constructively? Consider what steps you can take to release negativity and make room for new experiences. What actions can you initiate to align more closely with your desires for adventure and personal growth during this lunar cycle?

Full Moon Balance

As we embrace the vibrant energy of this month's Full Moon, integrating crystals into our practices can significantly enhance our connection to the lunar cycle. By charging crystals in the moonlight, creating moon water, and meditating with intention, we harness the Full Moon's power to foster clear communication, encourage adventure, and facilitate emotional release.

Aligning with cosmic energies is the process of attuning our energy and intentions with the natural cycles and forces of the universe. Whether you're looking to express deep-seated feelings or embark on new journeys, these crystal-centered activities provide a meaningful way to align with the cosmic energies, promoting balance and growth in your personal and spiritual life. Embrace this time of illumination and transformation, and see where the moon's energy can take you.

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Susan k. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master
Susan k. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master

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