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7 Ways to Celebrate The Spring Equinox

by Susan K. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer-Coach, Reiki Master

It’s been a long very hard winter and the promise of spring’s arrival is welcomed indeed. Now’s the time to take a deep sigh of relief and allow yourself the luxury of hope once again.

The 2021 Verbal or Spring Equinox is March 20th and marks when the sun passes the equator moving from the southern to the northern hemisphere and day and night have approximately the same length. It is the official end of winter and start of spring.

Time for an Energetic Spring Cleaning

Now is a perfect time to clear out the old, stale or lingering stagnation from 2020 and make room for a fresh new start. What better way than to start by cleansing yourself, your altar or sacred space, crystals, tarot cards and divination tools?

7 Ideas on How to Start Fresh

1) Do a physical cleaning. Let’s face it, things might have gotten ahead of a lot of us and we’ve become complacent to the clutter and gook we’ve tracked it. If it’s too overwhelming to do a complete spring cleaning, focus on one area. Clear your sacred space. Clean your favorite spot where you spend most of your time, redo your altar. Clean out a drawer! Just do something. Even if it’s symbolic, you will feel better.

2) Next, do an energetic clearing. Use sage or your favorite smudge to clear out the old stale energy from this past year. Trust me, it’s time for it to go!!

Photo by Elena Ferrer on Unsplash

3) Redo your altar or sacred space. Clean it up, sage the crystals and other objects to clear and freshen their energy. Reprogram your crystals.

4) Add some bright and cheery fresh flowers or spring décor to your altar, table or sacred space.

5) Do some candle magic. Light a candle and set your intention for a start fresh. Say whatever prayer, mantra or affirmation that resonates with you. Here’s one you might find useful:

As I light this candle, I let it symbolize the start of something fresh and new.

I allow the old, stale and unnecessary to burn away and be transformed.

I release any and all that no longer serves me.

I rejoice in the promise of Spring and allow myself to be reborn.

Photo by Ian Baldwin on Unsplash

6) Take a salt bath or use a salt scrub to remove any old stale energy clinging to you and your aura.

7) Take a walk. Spend some time in nature and observe all the fresh growth, the birds singing and the critters getting ready to welcome their babies.

As dire as things may seem, Spring always brings the promise of new growth and renewal.

And that applies to you and your situation as well.

Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to be renewed.

So there are some ideas on how to shake off 2020 and start fresh this Spring. The Rock Shop sells crystals, aura cleansing salt soaps, aura scrubs, aromatherapy and candles for any of your ritual needs. Contact us or stop in for more info. Susan K. Edwards is a Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Ho’ Oponopono Instructor, author, speaker and Light Worker. She and her husband own the Nice Rock Shop at 311 Broadway Street, Paducah KY. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, Nice Rock Shop, follow her on social media or contact her at The website is

©Copyright 2019, Susan K. Edwards

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