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Hosting The Archangels In Your Home

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

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Hosting the Archangels in Your Home

This is reprinted (with permission) from the website, BelleSpirit.

There’s a very cool tradition of hosting the archangels in your home. It was inspired by a continuation of a “pay it forward” project started in 2010 by a German New York–based medium named Irmi. It is said she received divine inspiration after watching the movie Pay It Forward.

By hosting the archangels, she asserts you are assisting them to serve humanity and Mother Earth in more direct ways. I’ve hosted them four times and always find it profound. I’ll briefly describe the process and provide a link if you would like to host them yourself. The archangels you would host are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, and Ariel.

Here are the instructions from Bellésprit.

Preparation Ritual: You will welcome and host the Archangels for 5 days after having prepared a little altar with:

  • A white flower.

  • A candle that will stay on the entire time they are with you. It needs to be on shortly before they arrive to show them where they are being called. An electronic flame candle is fine. If you use a regular candle it can be blown out when you go out. It is to be left burning whenever you are in your home and while you sleep in a safe container.

  • Put in an envelope a letter with three wishes: one for Mother Earth, one for your family, one for you. Formulate the wishes in a clear and concise way. Not too many details. Summarize as best you can. Each member of the household should write their own wishes down in and place in the envelope.

  • On the sealed envelope, you will put an apple (one for each participant) that will be eaten after they leave. Lay the envelope near your candle and white flower. The house should be clean and tidy much like you would do if you were about to receive guests.

Welcoming the Five Archangels: When they arrive in front of your home at 10:30 p.m. you are to open the front door and read this greeting:

“Hello and welcome Archangels to my home. You were sent to me from _____. (Insert your name of who sent the angels to you.) I am incredibly grateful to each of you for purifying and bringing peace to this place and to the beings that live in it. I am grateful to you for bringing harmony, joy and serenity to all of us. I am grateful to you for fulfilling my wishes.”

From that moment on, the Archangels make things happen. It is recommended to regard the five days as a special time to give room for the vibration of higher energies to realign many things. For some, this may mean you want to meditate and to ask questions or you may only be able to find a quiet moment in your busy day, but remember, there is no limitation: TRUST. You can also ask them to go with you as you go through your day. Start to prepare the list of the names and addresses of the three or more people who you will ask the Archangels to visit next after you, along with a letter of instructions. The number three is a recommendation only. If you have trouble finding someone to pass them on to, let the person who sent them to you know, so they can help keep the energy moving to new people.

At the end of the 5th day:

When it is almost time for them to leave (just before 10:30 p.m.), write the names of each person who has asked to host the archangels next on a piece of paper, and set it near your candle for a few minutes to soak up the light. When it feels right, walk outside with your candle, the piece of paper and express your gratitude to the archangels for all they have brought you. Light the paper on fire in a safe way with the candle. This will pass their names into the ethers and to the archangels along with the addresses where the angels will be going next after five days of rest. Wish them a good trip and give more thanks and good wishes, as they journey on to spread their hope, light and love to others who will be hosting them.

Once they leave:

  • Burn the envelope with your wishes in it. This frees up the energy and allows the wishes to manifest. Take the ashes and drop them in a stream of water (not stagnant water). If you live in a cold country, the kitchen sink is acceptable as the water will be recycled to Mother Earth or out into the wind. Once again, express your gratitude.

  • Eat the apple. It will contain lots of good nutrients and more for you.

  • Place the flower outside directly on Mother Earth so that it recycles in a natural way.

  • Send this ritual to the people who will host them next if you haven’t already. (Update these dates/names for your own letter to your friends.)

In the meantime, you will need to find the suggested three people or more for hosting the archangels.

To review, after leaving each home, the angels will rest for five days before the start of the next visit with your friend.

It has been found that people either really want to do this or they don’t or can’t. The people who have done it before always want to do it again. Remember this is not a chain letter. It is closer to a pass it on message.


You can invite them to go with you as you go about your five days. Having them here will help you experience peace and tranquility. They will assist you in calmly carrying out your tasks and keeping your space sacred, peaceful and loving.

Thank you for being interested in hosting the Archangels.

If you would like to be part of this project, simply start five days after viewing this article. You can list your name and details in the comments below if seeking for others to pass the angels on to. Don’t forget to pay it forward!

For now, it helps to learn a little more about what the angels might bring to you. Here is some information on the vibration or energies of each of these Great Rays of Creation and Reality, also known as Archangels:

Gabriel—“My task is to guide you to fulfill your hopes and dreams, deal with your karmic issues and progress on the path towards harmony with all. This requires a balance between the active side of you and the passive side of you. I am the spiritual awakener who visits you in your dreams, bringing you fresh hope, intuition and new aspirations.”

Raphael—“I come on a pure spiral that flows from Father Sun to manifest all life on Mother Earth. It is the glorious energy ray whose nurturing warmth brings you joy of living, banishes darkness and enlightens your life and future. I aid you in making decisions, using logic and analytical skills, and taking action accordingly.”

Michael—“As lord of light and ruler of Mercury, my primary gift to you is communication and truth. I strengthen and protect you. My Light dispels all darkness and falsehood from your life. My golden sword lights your way to truth, wisdom and freedom.”

Uriel—“Many and mysterious are the ways I manifest on Mother Earth. I bring fire and alchemy through the cleansing fires of purification. All old programming can be burnt away and all blocks within rendered down to ash. My energy empowers you, securing the foundation on which to build your new self. Collectively, my alchemy flames bring infinite possibility.”

Metatron—“I am the guardian of the Tree of Life. Both the base and the summit are your points of connection to the Creator and All Life. I guide you toward the sanctuary of the pure white dove of peace. Let your spirituality gradually become supremely important, for as you reach the crown, you grasp the secret wisdom of All. My twin angel, Shekinah helps you to secure your foundation in the earthly kingdom. As you reconnect with All Life through sacred geometry, you will send and receive Love and Light, magnifying it within your heart for the benefit of All Life.”

Ariel—“I help those who call upon me to recognize the sacred spark within Nature and all living things and beings. As an angel associated with metaphysics and manifestation, I can help you understand how to use the Law of Attraction, not simply as a tool to use for personal gain but for the advancement of all life. Look to me if you wish to awaken to a collective level of consciousness and manifestation, or for how to manifest peace, love and balance within your greater world. For, I can teach those who call upon me how to more purposefully create a bridge between Heaven and Earth; Spirit and Matter; Father God and Mother Nature; Yin and Yang. I often work as a companion angel to Archangel Raphael; the Archangel governing Healing.”

On the last day of their visit at your home, give the Archangels the names and addresses of the people you find who want to host them next. You will need to send these people the information and simple ritual below and specify to them the date of arrival and departure of the Archangels from their home. The time (10:30 p.m.) stays the same, no matter the time difference. It is always the local time. The day is 24 hours long. The Archangels’ visit is always five days, and then they rst for five days before coming back for another five day visit with a new host. The five-day process of rest/visit/rest/visit continues as people pass it on.

Note: If you don’t have anyone to invite you, consider this article an invitation or ask the Universe for an invitation. You host the angels consecutively or as many times as you wish. What is most important is your intention and the purpose is to have a time of meditation, reflection and connection where you are less disturbed by daily life and its demands so you can focus on a connection to something higher. If you have no one to pass your angels along to, just ask they visit those who need them.

Reprinted with permission.


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