When angels and other divine beings show up in your life and ask you to help deliver messages from God, often your first reaction is to think you’re going insane. That you’re imagining things. Why on earth would you be singled out? You’re just an ordinary, flawed human. This must be a mistake. Or self-delusions of grandiose. 

That’s exactly what Susan K. Edwards thought when it happened to her. But as her awakening progressed and she reviewed her past, it became evident she had been preparing for this her whole life. 

Read her first-hand accounts of angelic contacts, encounters with demons, interdimensional beings, ghosts and other paranormal experiences as she uncovers the truth of the non-physical world. Angels and others are still delivering messages from God. This book is their gift reminding you of who you are and encouraging you to return to the frequency of unconditional God Love. 

I then asked, what message would you have me tell them?
"Tell them God is real. Angels are real."

Voices in My Head: The Story Of My Awakening The Truth about Angels, Aliens, Ent