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Voices in My Head: Firsthand Account of Messages From God

The Truth About Angels, Aliens, Entities, and Ghosts

By Susan K. Edwards, a licensed spiritual healer-coach, Reiki master, certified Ho’ Oponopono teacher, Christian minister, psychic medium, empath, author, facilitator, and public speaker

“What message would you have me tell them?”
“Tell them God is real. Angels are real.”

When one woman starts hearing the voices of angels and God in her head, she’s faced with a life-changing decision. Will she listen to their divine words and share the message of their existence with the world? Or will she ignore them?

By sharing the words of these divine beings, author and healer-coach Susan K. Edwards has been able to help and heal others. In a journey that combines religion and spirituality with New Age healing and psychic/empathic techniques, Edwards embraces the divine, even when it takes her to strange and unexpected places. The result is this guide and memoir about embracing personal gifts and not being afraid of seeming “crazy” or “different.”

For readers seeking inspiration and knowledge that something or someone greater than themselves is out there listening and responding, Edwards’s story is a must-read.

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