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Welcome Quilters

Wildhair Studios’ Rock Shop

311 Broadway
Historic Downtown Paducah  270-444-6115
10 am to 6 pm QuiltWeek

Sales & 
All week

Psychic Readings All Week. Walk-in or

Schedule Here.

The Rock Shop would like to welcome you to Paducah, Kentucky. We are so delighted that you are here. While you're here, check out our amazing sterling silver jewelry.

We have a wide selection of tumbled stones, quartz clusters, and we even have some crack-open geodes that are from the local region. They make amazing gifts. We are well stocked with essential oils, diffusers, and we are your one place for sage, and have a great selection of incense. 

Would you like a reading while you're in town? We'll have our physic standing by all week. You can walk in, or you can call for an appointment. The Rock Shop is located at 311 Broadway in Historic Downtown Paducah. We'll be open from 10 to 6 all during Quilt Week.

Downtown Paducah, in partnership with Must Stitch Emporium, celebrates 35 years of Quilt Week with its first Paducah Quilt.  
take a piece of quiltweek home 2019.jpg

1. Shop at participating merchants and receive free quilt block.  


2. Collect all the blocks!


3. Purchase Tula Pink fabric and pick up pattern instructions at Must Stitch Emporium (109 Market House Square).

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