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Walking through the door, it’s immediately clear this will be a unique shopping experience. The Enchanted Fairy Garden greets you with a sweet sanctuary of crystals, twinkling lights, live plants and soothing sounds from the waterfall fountain.

Positive energy permeates the entire store from the serene environment to the soothing sounds. Soft aromas from essential oils in the ritual candles, incense, and sage calm and lift your spirits. Each product and service is carefully selected to inspire you to reclaim your well-being and bring your ‘vibes’ up to joy. The store features healing crystals, books, gemstone jewelry, holistic and alternative well-being tools, Tarot and Oracle cards, natural stone jewelry, and inspirational gifts. In addition, we offer classes, events, and retreats.

“It’s about reminding people of their true nature and how spiritual and vibrational imbalances can manifest in physical ways,” explains Rock Shop owner, Susan K. Edwards. “With our products and services we inspire people to surround themselves with positive energy, reduce their stress and generally feel better.”Our 1,800 sq. ft. store is well stocked with healing crystals, new age supplies, aromatherapy, bulk herbs, sage, jewelry, pendulums, candles, alternative healing tools, angel items, natural stone jewelry and unique gifts.

The History of 311 Broadway

Wildhair Studios Rock Shop historic building photo from the mid 1800s
This grand old building was built before 1885 and has seen many thriving businesses throughout the century-plus of its existence! But first, a little history. It wasn't always known as 311. In fact, in 1885 it was 202 Broadway. Back then, the numbering system on Broadway was quite different, with the even numbers on the north side of the street. Additionally, the first block of Broadway was numbered, "1-40." That numbering system made our location the even side of the "200" block originally. It wasn't until the 1900's that the number system switched to having the odd numbers on the north side and shifted the numbering system in the first block to "100s." That switch made us 311. Whew! That's confusing. Glad I wasn't trying to deliver the mail back then.

Anyway, back to our building. It began life as a furniture store, but by 1906, it was FP Watson & Brothers Piano and Organ shop. In 1920, it became Rudy's Department Store, then Hager Clothing in 1922. Many local Paducians may remember in the 70s it was the well-known men's clothing store, the "Trad Shop" (Traditional Clothing.) That store featured men's fine clothing and shoes. By 1990 it was the J.G. Fashions. I've heard during its many incarnations it was a bar, coffee shop, candle shop, and more recently (2003) M & B Specialty Gift shop. 

The building has now been divided into 2 separate buildings, one building is a private residence. Our building is a retail store on the first floor. The 3rd and 4th floors over the store feature an executive townhouse apartment. 

The space was vacant for several years until 2015 when the Wildhair Studios' Rock Shop relocated from 209 Broadway. The 1,800 sq. ft. store is well stocked with healing crystals, an ever-expanding book section, new age and esoteric supplies, magickal herbs, incense, sage, gemstone jewelry, pendulums, ritual candles, an enchanted fairy garden, alternative healing tools, angel items, healing crystal jewelry, and unique gifts. 
Gazebo in Downtown Paducah, Kentucky
Welcome to Historic Downtown Paducah! 


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated Paducah, Kentucky the world's seventh City of Crafts and Folk Art. Home to The National Quilt Museum, this historic river town offers an authentic cultural experience for visitors from around the globe!


Founded in 1827 by William Clark of Lewis & Clark fame, Paducah's rich American heritage can be traced to its strategic location at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. Today, visitors can take a journey on America's inland waterways from the era of Paducah's earliest inhabitants to the City's modern day life on the river through captivating stories, interactive exhibits and music at the River Discovery Center.

From the Civil War to civil rights, Paducah's narrative is intricately connected to America's history. Visit the Lloyd Tilghman House & Civil War Museum to learn about Paducah's pivotal role during the Civil War. The Hotel Metropolitan provides a look at the lives of famous African-American guests during the time of segregation.

Paducah's history is reflected and preserved in its architecture and historic attractions, including the 1905 Market House, Market House Museum and "Wall to Wall" Murals.

Allow landmarksmuseums and architecture to draw you in to Paducah's story. Tours and trails connect Paducah's cultural heritage to the greater American story by way of the U.S. Grant Trail, Lewis & Clark Eastern Legacy and local Quilt Block Trail.

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