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Meditation - Peace of Mind

Quiet your mind and stay centered in peace of mind with these meditation videos. Meditation has been proven to help you mentally, physically and spiritually. Use these free resource videos teach you how to meditate and enjoy diverse range of guided meditations. 

Yes, You Can Meditate

Learn simple techniques for beginners to learn to quiet your mind. 

Hooponopono Meditation

The Most Powerful Healing Meditation Ever

View Free on YouTube. Download audio for play on your smart devices here. Use promo code PEACEOFMIND to save the $.99. 

Bless Mother Earth

Short guided meditation. 

Divine Love

Guided meditation 

bless mother earth thumb.jpg
Violet Flame 

This lovely guided meditation will get you deeply relaxed and ready for the cleansing violet flame.

Free Coloring Pages Young & Old!

Make things a bit more fun with these free coloring pages. Downloadable PDF. Print on your printer, use colored pencils, crayons or markers. Enjoy! 

floral doodle love.jpg
crystal cluster.jpg
my crystal collection.jpg
rocket ship.jpg
unicorn advanced color suggestion.jpg
unicorn youth.jpg

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Visual of how smudging can make a room feel 'ligher' and clearer.

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