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Watch this free video to see if this course is for you!

Meditation - Peace of Mind

Quiet your mind and stay centered in peace of mind with these meditation videos. Meditation has been proven to help you mentally, physically and spiritually. Use these free resource videos teach you how to meditate and enjoy diverse range of guided meditations. 

Yes, You Can Meditate

Learn simple techniques for beginners to learn to quiet your mind. 

yes you can meditate thumb.jpg
Hooponopono Meditation

The Most Powerful Healing Meditation Ever

View Free on YouTube. Download audio for play on your smart devices here. Use promo code PEACEOFMIND to save the $.99. 

HOOPonopono thumb.jpg
Bless Mother Earth

Short guided meditation. 

Divine Love

Guided meditation 

bless mother earth thumb.jpg
meditation on divine love.jpg
Violet Flame 

This lovely guided meditation will get you deeply relaxed and ready for the cleansing violet flame.

meditation violet flame.jpg

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Resource Videos

Resource Videos

Resource Videos
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Smudging With Sage - How to Clear Negative Energy from your Home & Life

Smudging With Sage - How to Clear Negative Energy from your Home & Life

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How to Use a Pendulum and Get Accurate Answers - A Beginners Guide to Dowsing

How to Use a Pendulum and Get Accurate Answers - A Beginners Guide to Dowsing

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How To Make A Protection Bubble

How To Make A Protection Bubble

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Angel Book is Available!



I'm very excited to announce my book, "Voices in my Head: Firsthand Account of Messages From God" is now LIVE on Amazon! Whoo Hoo! If you want a signed copy, please message me. If you can't wait, I'd be honored to have you purchase your copy off Amazon (you can always bring it in for me to sign.) A review would be much appreciated! Here's the description of the book from the back cover. 

“What message would you have me tell them?”
“Tell them God is real. Angels are real.”

When one woman starts hearing the voices of angels and God in her head, she’s faced with a life-changing decision. Will she listen to their divine words and share the message of their existence with the world? Or will she ignore them?

By sharing the words of these divine beings, author and healer-coach Susan K. Edwards has been able to help and heal others.


In a journey that combines religion and spirituality with New Age healing and psychic/empathic techniques, Edwards embraces the divine, even when it takes her to strange and unexpected places. The result is this guide and memoir about embracing personal gifts and not being afraid of seeming “crazy” or “different.”

For readers seeking inspiration and knowledge that something or someone greater than themselves is out there listening and responding, Edwards’s story is a must-read. 

Paperback $15.99   Kindle $4.99

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I'm Pleased to announce my new book, "Smudging, Clear Negative Energy From Your Home & Life" is ready! Click here to purchase it now!

Visual of how smudging can make a room feel 'ligher' and clearer.

smudge_direction web.jpg

Introducing my 2 new Journals! 

My Book of Shadows Workbook & Journal
my book of shadows.jpg

Book of Shadows Workbook & Journal | Diary of Spells, Rituals, Recipes and Outcomes: Perfect for both beginner and experienced practitioner of magick 


My Divination Journal
my divination journal thumb.jpg

My Divination Journal: Tarot & Oracle Card Notebook to Track Your Daily Readings: Mystic Sun Moon And Moon Design - The Path to Deeper Understanding 


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