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Create a Side Hustle For Extra Income in 2022!

Make Money Doing Psychic Readings 

Susan K Edwards Reiki Master, Licensed Spiritual Healer Coach

From Susan K. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer-Coach, Psychic - Medium

Would you like to create a reliable part-time income doing something you love that helps yourself and others? I don't need to be a psychic to know the answer to that question!


If you have or suspect you have some level of psychic gifts and wondered if you could turn that into a profitable side hustle... then you NEED this course. I'll take you through everything you need to do to safely, and confidently start your new business step-by-step. 

If you would like to learn how to understand and manage your gifts in order to be able to help yourself and others AND make a reliable steady side income, then this is the right course for you. You'll go from a lack of confidence and asking, "Am I psychic? Or am I crazy?" to safely, and confidently providing intuitive readings and providing spiritual counseling for fun and profit.

Become a well-respected psychic! 

Need more info?

Watch this free video to see if this course is for you! 

Watch this free video... 
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Introductory Offer! $99! 

Hurry! This $50 off offer is good the end of December with online code "INTRO"

This course features 34 lessons and over 2 1/2 hours of video instruction. Plus tons of great downloadable bonus content! 
Course Objectives
  • Is This Course for You?

  • Susan K. Edwards - Qualifications and Bio. Why Am I Qualified To Teach You?

  • Survey - What are you hoping to get from this course?

Exploring the Subject

  • Exploring the Subject

  • Identifying the Different Psychic Skillsets

  • Complete Exercise #1 - What are My Psychic Gifts?

  • Exercise #1 - What Are My Psychic Gifts?

  • Exploring the Tools of the Trade

Learning the Basics

  • The Essentials of Grounding

  • Learning to Meditate

  • 3 Minute Grounding Meditation


Building Your Confidence

  • Today, I Choose To Face My Fears

  • Pushing Past Your Fears

  • What Am I Afraid of Worksheet - If you can't download or print, on a sheet of paper, list your fears. Mark each one listed, "Real" or "Perceived" and list 1 strategy to overcome it.

Getting Everything Ready & What to Watch Out For

  • Energy Vampires

  • Is this client an energy vampire?

  • Evaluating Results of Quiz: Whether Your Client is an Energy Vampire

  • Cautions~ Angels, ETs, Elementals & Interdimensional Beings

  • Personal Protections & Healthy Boundaries

  • Where to Do Your Readings

  • Exercise ~ The Atmosphere in Your Sacred Space

  • Finding & Plugging into the Divine Energy Field

  • Exercise to bring your frequencies up in a hurry!


Protection Protocols

  • Advanced Personal Protections

  • The Prayer of Protection


Best Practices

  • The Ethics of Becoming A Spiritual Counselor


Prepping For Your First Reading

  • How To Dress Your Table

  • Doing Your First Reading!

  • When You Must NOT Do A Reading

  • Wrap Up & Certification Options

Bonus Videos & Content

  • How to Clear Blockages

  • How To Connect to the Spiritual Realm ~ Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels!

  • Grounding Exercise

  • Affirmations for Anxiety & Stress ~ From Susan K. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer

  • The Different Psychic Skillsets Downloadable PDF Graphic

price graphic.png

Introductory Offer! $99! 

Hurry! This $50 off offer is good only during the month of September with online code "INTRO"

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