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Channeled Archangel Michael Message

You can watch the video on YouTube or read transcript or download PDF.

A channeled message from Archangel Michael on How Long Will This Last and What You Should Do- COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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During my morning meditation March 24, 2020, I asked a question I had from a viewer on YouTube about how long this pandemic would last. Here is the lightly edited transcript from this video. I cleaned up some of my grammar, but did not alter Archangel Michael’s message.

Good morning everyone, it is Susan at the Rock Shop at 311 Broadway, Historic downtown Paducah where positive energy works. It’s Tuesday, March 24th, 2020. I've been meditating and working with the angels frequently, but I don't always get Archangel Michael. But he visited me in my meditation this morning.

I got a question on my YouTube channel that I’ll read to you. This channeling session is a direct result of that question.

“Please ask the angels, does it mean this whole life disruption by the COVID-19 issue will not go away until Humanity and the world gets back into balance? So, if it takes us a few years or more to get that balance does that mean COVID-19 issue will go on for that long and does it have to be everyone finding balance first before life can finally calm down? What percentage of the world and Humanity needs to be in balance again before life calms down? Thank you, God bless us all.”

So that's a really good question and certainly one that I have and I'm sure everybody out there has. How long is this going to go on? Here's what Archangel Michael said to me.

This global destruction will show up in each of your lives differently and will clearly show each of you where the weak links are in your behaviors and beliefs. This is not a bad thing. This is a gift. For would you not prefer whole and healthy and sustainable over false beliefs that will crumble at the first test?

This is not a punishment.

This is just life doing what life does. (It) Makes adjustments to maintain balance. Many things are out of balance and need to be brought back into balance.

How long will this last?

That depends upon you. Continue out of balance and it will linger. Get back to balance and it will pass sooner.

What do you mean by get back to balance?

So little is sacred to a great many people. These are all gifts from God. And yet some treat them like they are entitled and squander. This is a rich and abundant universe. But it is for all. Mankind is no longer working in harmony with nature and her diverse life. Instead plundering without regard to the rights and needs of all living species on this planet.

What is to be done?

Get yourself in balance. Do not be so foolish as to think you need to save the world. The world is not broken and does not need you to fix it. God's got this. Your job is to go inside (inside yourself). Abandon your current worldview. It is no longer relevant. See things as they are now. Decide what is working to empower yourself and others. Keep doing more of that. Abandoned thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that do not serve your higher good and the higher good of all.

You brought this into your life because you are ready to awaken to your higher spiritual self. The excellent good news is that all you need to do to save the world is to save your world.

When you raise your frequencies, those around you resonate with that higher good. That is how you get out of the situation.

Yes, there will be disruptions. We say good. It is time for all the unsustainable to be exposed and dealt with. As a species, if you wish to survive you need to awaken to the reality you are all one… affecting one another and each and every species on this planet.

Treat everything as sacred. God gave this to you. Be in gratitude. It raises your vibration and frequency. Don't worry about raising everyone else’s frequency. Raise yours. That's your job.

Focus on what you want. Give thanks for what you have. Enjoy each moment as precious.

Make adjustments if something isn't working for your highest good and the highest good of those around you.

Be not afraid of change.

Be not afraid of death. The true you, your spiritual self, your soul is eternal and cannot perish.

If you are experiencing fear, recognize it as a false narrative. A warning that you are in an unsafe place.

Move physically. Release false beliefs. Move energetically. Through emotions to a better feeling place. In other words, hope.

How do we move forward?

Together. Be awake. There are warnings that some structures are failing and must be addressed -- like climate. Do not be fooled into thinking you have time to deal with it later. The time is now. It's perfect time to rebuild things that are more in harmony. Your industry, your consumerism, your collective narratives.

You are not separate from nature. You are not above nature. It's an opportunity to regain balance… balance… balance.

Treat this as your get-out-of-jail-free card. Take advantage of this opportunity to restructure failing systems.

This is hard for me because my ego Susan gets in the way. But this is what he said okay? So this is Archangel Michael again.

Wake up to the new command. Be good stewards of all his children -- all living things great and small. Be good stewards of his house and all that is in it.

That is how you move through this challenge and emerge better on the other side. You take responsibility for yourself and those around you will follow. This is what I would say to you. Wake up my dear ones.

Then he had me sign it, Archangel Michael. So, thank you Archangel Michael. Hard message today, but yeah, yeah it's time. Yep it's time to wake up. We are stewards of God's gifts and it is a rich and abundant universe, but it is for all of us… all species. So hard message, but it's hard times.

We send prayers out to everyone who is struggling. We send you a good will and the will to do good. We charge our leaders with wisdom and the ability to see the bigger picture and to help all of us move through this so we are all one. I think that this message is very clear, together we will get it. We’ll get it done. But remember, your job is not to save the world my darlings. Your job is to save your world. So, you get balanced and when you get in balance then people around you will be inspired and brought up to balance. And that's all you have to do. That's it. That's all. Just you getting balanced.

What a relief. Thank you, have a very blessed day. If you're struggling, we send you all of the energy that you need. Keep up with your comments. I'll get back to them when I'm offline. Love you. Have a good day. ~Susan

©Copyright 2020, Susan K. Edwards

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Hard message?? Forgive me but I found Michael's message comforting and encouraging. Thank you so much for His message.

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