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3 Modern Ways to Celebrate an Ancient Tradition

colorful graphic for summer solstice

Check out these ideas for celebrating the 2024 Summer Solstice and Full Moon with a modern twist on traditional methods!

As we revel in the combined energies of the sun at its peak and the glowing full moon, blend ancient customs with contemporary twists. Here's some ideas on updating these timeless practices:

  1. DIY Herbal Wreath Crafting 🌼🍃 Gather your family or friends for a DIY wreath crafting session. Below, we'll provide a guide and materials list to help you create your herbal wreath at home or as a group activity. Use solstice- and Full Moon-connected herbs and flowers like St. John's wort, lavender, and chamomile to craft a beautiful and powerful protective talisman.

  2. Eco-Friendly Bonfire & Moonlit Dance 🔥🌿💃 Gather your friends for an eco-conscious bonfire as dusk falls, and stay as it transforms into a moonlit dance under the stars. Gather your written intentions and toss them into the flames, dance, and let the lunar energy amplify your desires, turning aspirations into reality with every step.

  3. Crystal Charging 💎 Enhance your crystals with the powerful dual energies of the sun and moon. Collect your crystals, and charge them outdoors (or on your window ledge) during either the mid-day sun, Full Moon, or both!

🌿✨ Join us in person at the Rock Shop or connect online for more ideas or supplies to merge ancient rituals with modern life on this magical day of celestial celebration! 🌿✨

DIY Herbal Wreath Crafting Guide

herbal wreath designed for the Summer Solstice and Full Moon. This wreath features a variety of fresh herbs and flowers, crafted on a wire or vine base.
Summer Solstice Full Moon Wreath

Celebrate the Summer Solstice and Full Moon by creating your own magical herbal wreath. Here's a simple guide to get you started:

Materials Needed:

  • Wire wreath frame or vine wreath base

  • Floral wire or twine

  • Garden scissors or pruning shears

Herbs and Flowers:

  • St. John's wort – for protection and strength

  • Lavender – for purification and calm

  • Chamomile – for prosperity and relaxation

  • Rosemary – for remembrance and mental clarity

  • Mint – for energy and healing


  1. Prepare Your Materials:

  • Cut your herbs and flowers with enough stem to attach them to the wreath base.

  • Group your herbs and flowers into small bunches.

  1. Attach the Bunches:

  • Start at one point on the wreath frame and secure the end of a bunch to the frame with floral wire or twine.

  • Layer the next bunch to cover the stems of the first, securing it in place. Continue this process around the wreath frame.

  1. Add Final Touches:

  • Once the wreath is fully covered, adjust any pieces to fill in gaps and secure any loose ends.

  • Optionally, add a ribbon or string for hanging.

  1. Energize Your Wreath:

  • Place your wreath in the morning sun on the day of the solstice to energize it with powerful solar energy.

Display or Use:

  • Hang your wreath on your front door, in your living area, or lay it flat on a table as a centerpiece. It serves as a protective talisman and a symbol of the season's abundance.

Enjoy crafting this beautiful, functional piece of herbal art, which will not only decorate your space but also bring the energies of the Summer Solstice and Full Moon into your home!


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Susan k. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master
Susan k. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master

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