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COVID-19 UPDATE--Reopening Soon!

Updated: May 2, 2020

We have a date! Governor Beshear has announced a #HealthyAtWork gradual reopening of the businesses in Kentucky and we are (at the moment) scheduled to reopen to foot traffic May 20th. YAY!! We closed to foot traffic as of March 21, 2020. So it will be 2 full months we've had to shut our retail showroom. Ouch. And it hurt! Business is down 70%. Yeah. I know! Ouch. BUT! The good news is our online and call in orders have been a life saver. Also, we were thankful to be among the first 75 small businesses to receive the Paducah City Grant for $2,000 to help with payroll, rent and utilities.

In addition, business been very good for the last few years (thanks to all of you!) and I've been using that surplus to expand our inventory and stash away for a rainy day. Little did I know it was going to rain for 60 days! All that to say, the Rock Shop is on solid ground and was prepared to weather the storm. We appreciate all your support and we'll be excited to see our customers again soon.

​Now. Here's the deal. We still have a nasty virus that can and does kill without mercy. So we must be smart about this. There will be some government guidelines we will need to follow. Here's what we at the Rock Shop are doing to keep you (and us) safe.

1. IF YOU ARE SICK--EVEN JUST A LITTLE. EVEN IF IT'S NOT CORONAVIRUS... EVEN IF YOU JUST HAVE A LITTLE SNIFFLE... IF YOU HAVE A TEMPERATURE OR HAVE HAD A TEMPERATURE WITHIN 48 HOURS DO NOT COME TO THE STORE. If you love the store and us as much as you say, help keep us, and our customers safe. We have NOTHING that is worth someone dying over. Karma's a bitch. DON'T DO IT.

2. We will limit how many customers will be allowed in the store at any one time in order to achieve the 6' social distancing guideline. We think that will be about 10. Once in the store, we'll ask any customers to honor that safe space to keep one another healthy.

3. You MUST wear a mask while shopping. Please bring your own, but if you forget, I'll have a disposable for you to use. We will also be wearing masks.

4. You will be asked to use the Hand Sanitizer when you come in the store.

5. We have installed 'Sneeze' guards at the Pay Station, the Ring Counter and the Zen Den. These areas are difficult to maintain the safe distance, hence the plexi guard.

6. We will maintain a schedule of disinfecting and wiping down the surface areas throughout the day.

As more guidelines are announced, we will implement them. I'll keep you posted.

When we open, we will have a psychic reader on site for readings. I know everyone needs answers! Masks and the plexi shield will be used to keep you safe. I will not be doing any tuneups for a while, as it's hard to maintain a distance on that. Classes will likely resume in mid June. Class sizes will be controlled.

In the meantime... Our online store is always open and I continue to work hard to expand the scope of products I have available online. If you need something we can also act as personal shoppers and do a phone or video chat to help you shop virtually, you can email us with your needs, message us on any of our social media pages or call 270 444 6115 and we will either ship or make available for Curbside Pickup.

Can't wait to see everyone! In the meantime... stay #HealthyAtHome and safe. xo ~Susan

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