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Meet Ruby. She's More Than July's Birthstone

It’s July, and the traditional birthstone is none other than the beautiful red ruby. It is one of the our precious stones and is the third hardest gemstone--with a Mohs rating of 9--after diamond and moissanite.

The ruby also traditionally commemorates the 40th wedding anniversary. Blood red rubies are considered the most valuable, but they do come in other colors as well.

The History of the Ruby

Rubies have been popular since ancient times, and have been known to be the gemstones of nobles. They have been particularly prized in Asian countries. Records suggest that rubies were traded along China’s North Silk Road as early as 200 BC. Chinese noblemen adorned their armor with rubies because they believed the gem would grant protection.

Burma has been a significant ruby source since at least 600 AD. Burmese rubies are still some of the most prized of all ruby gems.

After classical Burmese mines were depleted, the Mong Hsu region of Myanmar started producing rubies in the 1990s. Though these lacked the rich red hue of traditional Burmese rubies, they were treated with heat to improve saturation and transparency. Heat-treating rubies is a common practice today.

The red fluorescence power of ruby helped build the first working laser in 1960. Rubies—both natural and synthetic—are still used to make lasers, as well as watches and medical instruments.

The Physical Elements of Rubies.

Rubies are made from the mineral corundum or aluminum oxide. When rubies are treated to extreme heat and pressure, they are formed under the earth’s surface. Corundum is made of densely packed oxygen and aluminum atoms, and usually, this means it is colorless. But when some of the aluminum atoms are replaced by other minerals or substances, colors are formed.

Some other colors include green (in zoisite), and pink and red with teal and green (in kyanite).

Metaphysical Properties of Rubies

Ruby - Zest & Passion for Life

Rubies encourage passion and a zest for life, improves motivation, and setting of realistic goals. It can help balance the heart chakra and instills confidence, encouraging joy, spontaneity, laughter, and courage. Helps you follow your bliss. Promotes positive dreams and stimulates the pineal gland. Aids in retaining wealth and passion. Encourages removal of negative energies from your path. It overcomes exhaustion and lethargy and imparts potency and vigor. Calms hyperactivity.

Ruby is also believed to promote loving, nurturing, health, knowledge, and wealth. It has been associated with improved energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor, and compassion. Ruby is thought to be protective of home, possessions, and family. Ruby is said to stimulate the heart chakra and bring spiritual wisdom while shielding against psychic attacks.

By Jessica Wettig Hendrix


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