Meet Our Team

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Meet Susan K. Edwards

Susan K. Edwards is a licensed spiritual healer-coach, Reiki master, certified Ho’ Oponopono teacher, Christian minister, psychic medium, empath, author, facilitator, and public speaker, among many other roles. Her past endeavors include stints as a blues singer, belly dancer, cartoonist, costume maker, watercolorist, and portrait artist. Edwards is an avid birdwatcher and also enjoys cooking, nature, fairies, and of course... pretty rocks. 

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Meet Jonathan

We are SO excited to have Jonathan Woods to our Rock Shop family. Jonathan has been a practicing Wiccan for well over a decade. He is a skilled reader of the Tarot and has experience in both solitary and coven Wiccan practice. A Tennessee native, he now calls Metropolis home with his husband and their fur babies Buddy, Mushu, Ren, and his Familiar, Mabon. He is excited to join the Rock Shop crew Mondays and Thursdays!

Meet Lainie

She's our most recent team member to join us here at the Rock Shop. You might remember her from the Shed, or as one of our readers. She's now our Wednesday, Saturday gal so be sure to stop in and say a bit howdy! 

She is well versed in the mystical and crystals, and one of our experts on all matters of the Fae realm. 

Introducing Rhonda, Our new Astrologer!

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We’ve been looking for an astrologer for a while and are so pleased to introduce the latest addition to our family, Miss Rhonda! She lived in Nashville, TN most of her adult life, working in the record and television business. Four years ago, she moved to Paducah after her husband passed over.


She’s been studying astrology since the 1980's and in 2005 received a Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP) from Avalon School of Astrology. She does Astrology work for fun and enjoys the various applications and interpretations. She finds it quite compelling to share her knowledge with those who are interested in this fascinating study of our solar system, and the progression of the planets, their transits across the sky, and how they can influence our personalities and lives.

She is now available to do your chart by appointment. Contact us by email or phone at 270.444.6115 to schedule an appointment to get insight into your Astrological future! Charts and readings start at $75. 

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