Zen Den's Open Wednesday ~ Saturday 1 - 5-ish for Intuitive Readings

Our Zen Den has an intuitive reader available most weeks Wednesday through Saturday for 20 minute walk-in readings. Most readings will be $25.  You can schedule a time if desired, 270-444-6115, or just stop in.

You can also do a phone session ($25) if you can't make it into the store. 

Amber Pitt

Intuitive Tarot & Tea Leaves


Amber uses Tarot and intuition to provide spiritual healing, guidance, and insight. 20 minutes, $25

Sashia Wede

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle

I am Actualizing the Realization that I am God in every step and cognitive breath. A bearer of Light! Sashia's deep knowledge and vast experience makes her the perfect choice for insights into your most pressing issues. She will often consult several decks to get you the answers you seek. 20 minutes, $25

Rebekah VanCleave 

Intuitive Palm Reader and Spiritual Guide

I grew up in the woods near the Missouri Current River, and I followed every creek I found. I believe the magic I discovered at a young age became alive in me, and it's my intention to share the peace I've found. I began reading palms on my own as it a gift given to me at birth. I choose to use it only to help others see what they may be blinded to, and to help alleviate emotional distress carried on from the past.
All I ever wanted to be was a lighthouse, to shed light on the dark, and to lead the lost home. Naturally a happy person, I set out to share my joy with everyone I cross paths with.

Christina Marie

Intuitive Runes & Oracle Card Reader


I've cast rune stones and oracle cards for over 20 years. My purpose is to help guide and give answers to the questions you have. 20 minutes, $25

J'Hari Wellington

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle

J'Hari has a unique style that is unlike any I've seen! When he works with clients, the cards literally "jump" out of the deck as he shuffles and they are always spot on! 20 minutes, $25

Kelly Finlay

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle


Kelly is an Empathic Psychic Intuitive, Energy Worker and Spiritual Coach. She offers guidance through Intuitive Tarot and Oracle readings.  20 minutes, $25

Shelly Kay

Intuitive Tarot

Besides doing work as a Magick Herbalist, Shelly is an intuitive tarot reader!  20 minutes $25


Meet our other Psychics

Check schedule for when they will be available, or call to request a reading. 

​Michelle Embree 

Call to see if she is available. Michelle is a skilled Oracle who has developed her skills as an Intuitive Reader and a healer of the mind/heart over the course of fifteen years. She is proud to offer her ever-evolving services to those who seek a stronger inner compass and a story large enough to hold the great pains and deep joys of being human.

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