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Zen Den is open for In-Person Intuitive Readings. Online or Phone consultations are also available. Contact us to schedule a reading. 270.444-6115

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Rob Gaiter, Past Life Facilitator, Reiki Master

Embark on an enlightening journey to discover the depths of your soul. Our unique service blends the ancient art of past life regression with cutting-edge techniques, including bio-well camera chakra and energy scans and the soothing harmonies of tuning fork and sound therapy. This introductory step is designed to gently guide you through a transformative exploration of your past selves while simultaneously nurturing your present physical and spiritual well-being. Experience a deeper connection with your inner self as we uncover the mysteries of your past and illuminate the path to your future. Join us in this first step of a profound journey, where history meets modern healing, and every discovery is a step towards a more enlightened you.

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Susan, Licensed Spiritual Healer-Coach, Reiki Master

Dicated to helping others find inner peace, healing, and spiritual growth, she holds licenses as a spiritual healer-coach, Reiki master, and certified in the Bio-Well GDV camera, and as a Ho'oponopono teacher. Additionally, she has extensively studied sound healing, Pranic Healing, and the power of positive thinking under the guidance of Master teachers. She is a psychic medium.

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Irah'j uses both Tarot and Oracle cards. He is very tuned into the spiritual realm. As he shuffles the cards for the client, the message literally flies out of the deck! It's quite unique and always is spot on the message the client needs to hear. He is also our go-to for romance advice. Need some help with the love life? He's here for you!

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No, you're NOT seeing double, it's Evie & Lainie and yes, they're twins! They are also amazing intuitive and have created the most interesting technique of a dual reading. Fascinating and spot on, one speaks to what eneries are coming in, and what energies are going to of your life at this point. Then the other will bring in clarification messages to deliver the most unique and accurate answers. This is NOT to be missed. Readings are $55. 

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Skelly Kay

Shelly Kay is an artist, and an intuitive tarot reader. She has an herbalist and a Level 1 Reiki practitioner. She offers an intuitive card reading but also can use her gifts to provide you with an energy-balancing session combined with a 3-card intuitive reading to help you move forward to your best life!

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