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Zen Den is open for In-Person Intuitive Readings. Online or Phone consultations are also available. Contact us to schedule a reading. 

Our Zen Den has been moved upstairs to a bigger location for better ventilation. If you are unable to make an in-person visit, we have phone and video chats available. 


An intuitive reader is available in person or remotely Monday through Saturday or by appointment. Readings start at 20 minutes - $25 and go up to $45. You can schedule a time if desired, 270-444-6115, or just stop in.

abby Chakra Snapshot & 3 Card Pull.jpg


Intuitive Oracle Card Reader, Bio-Well Practitioner 


"The best part of this Journey is having the opportunity to add value to the lives of everyone I come in contact with and assisting my clients in taking their power back!"

Abby is now trained in our new GDV camera and offering "Chakra Snapshots" combined with an intuitive 3-card reading to get the insights and answers you need to bring your best life into focus.

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Meet Destiny!

Destiny will help you with deeper insights using both palm reading and intuitive cards. Here's the great part... she can even work remotely using a good photograph of your palms! So need a reading? Let us know. 

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HoldenWillow is an intuitive tarot reader and medium. Bring your questions or just see what's going on in your life. They may use one or more of their decks to get your message. They interpret the images and their connection while you continue to ask questions; to gain clarity. Often many want to speak to loved ones. As a medium, HoldenWillow is happy to help you connect with ancestors, spirit guides or your angels. 

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Skelly Kay

Shelly Kay is an artist, and an intuitive tarot reader. She has an herbalist and a Level 1 Reiki practitioner. She offers an intuitive card reading but also can use her gifts to provide you with an energy-balancing session combined with a 3-card intuitive reading to help you move forward to your best life!

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Hi, my name is Missy and I am a Spiritual Light Worker and Warrior. I would love to help you connect to your passed loved ones, spirit guides, and angels. I'm a medium, intuitive healer who works with Dragon energies.

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Hello, my name is Lindsay Duff and before relocating to Carterville, Illinois, I was a local San Diego Intuitive healer, tarot, and aura reader including personal energy clearings with the Aura/Chakra readings. Aura Chakra readings include a grounding and then I look at the energy in the chakra/aura system and identity and things out of alignment then look into what is causing this and then clear this energy. Grounding helps us be in the body so we can help ourselves receive healing and clearing.
Call for an appointment. 270 444 6115

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