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New Moon in June

beautiful mysterious woman outside at night during a full moon

🌑✨ This Week's Moon Energy ✨🌑

This Thursday, June 6th, marks the arrival of the New Moon, providing a unique opportunity—time to set intentions for this lunar cycle and prepare for this summer season. As we approach the summer solstice on the 20th, it's the perfect time to harness the enhanced potential, where dreams set now can grow with the sun's energy. Here's how to leverage the lunar magic in your favor this week.

🔮 Crystal of the Week: Moonstone - A beacon of intuition and balance, moonstone is

moonstone crystals in a wooden bowl

particularly resonant now. It can help harmonize the increasing daylight with the introspective darkness of the New Moon, allowing you to find a balance between outward and inward energies. This makes it an ideal stone for those looking to embrace new beginnings while maintaining a sense of harmony and balance.

🌿 Herb Highlight: Sage—Purify your environment with sage to cleanse old energies, making space for new growth and positive intentions as we approach the start of summer.

📿 Featured Product: White Ritual Candle - White candles are ideal as they represent purity, new beginnings, and overall balance.

🌟 Zodiac Influence: Gemini - This New Moon in Gemini invites us to explore ideas and exchange knowledge. It’s a great time for communication and intellectual growth, making it an excellent moment for planning and brainstorming future projects. The Gemini energy can enhance our ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and adapt to new ideas, making it an ideal time for strategic planning and creative brainstorming.

At The Rock Shop, we understand the importance of having the right tools for your spiritual practices. Whether you are preparing for the solstice or setting intentions under the New Moon, we are here to provide the perfect resources. Rest assured, we are committed to supporting your journey every step of the way.

Remember, every new moon is a doorway to new possibilities. What doors will you open this cycle? Visit us to discover how!


New Moon Intention Spell

You will need:

  • Moonstone

  • White candle

  • Sage

  • Piece of paper and pen


  • Prepare Your Space: Begin by cleansing your space with sage. Light the sage and gently waft the smoke around your room, focusing on corners and doorways to clear out old energies.

  • Light the Candle: Light the white candle to symbolize new beginnings and to bring light into your intentions. As you light it, focus on clearing your mind and preparing to receive new insights.

  • Set Your Intention: On the paper, write down what you wish to manifest or focus on during this lunar cycle. Be specific and positive, framing your intention as if it has already happened.

  • Charge the Moonstone: Place the moonstone over your written intention. Hold your hands over the stone, imagining a bright, lunar light filling the stone with your intention. Visualize your goal coming to life, and feel the emotions as if your wish has already been fulfilled.

  • Seal the Spell: Fold the paper around the moonstone and pass it through the candle's flame (be cautious not to burn it), saying:

"Under the New Moon’s mystic light,

I set my intentions this very night.

Growth and blessings here accrue,

So mote it be, let it be true."

  • Close the Ritual: If possible, allow the candle to burn down safely. Keep the paper with your intention and the charged moonstone on your altar or in a special place where you can see it daily until the next full moon.

  • Release: When ready, preferably on the full moon, release your intention by burying the paper outside, returning it to the earth, while keeping the moonstone with you or in your sacred space to continue harnessing the moon’s energy.


About the Rock Shop

The Rock Shop is the region's largest retail store and metaphysical resource center. Discover a One-of-a-Kind Shopping Experience for New Age and Metaphysical Goods. Welcome to the premier metaphysical crystal and bookstore of the Western Kentucky and Paducah area! Our vast collection of books, tarot/oracle cards, healing crystals, and esoteric goods create a unique shopping experience. We take pride in offering products and services that inspire positivity, reduce stress, and promote well-being.

Susan k. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master
Susan k. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master

Our 1,800 sq. ft. store is home to an extensive selection of healing crystals, books, new age, magickal herbs, gemstone jewelry, pendulums, ritual candles, enchanted fairy gardens, alternative healing tools, healing crystal jewelry, and unique gifts. Come and explore our carefully curated collection to support your spiritual journey.​

We are open Monday through Saturday from 10 to 6 pm. We are just blocks from the riverfront, with charming restaurants, museums, and shopping nearby. We offer a variety of classes, workshops, energy healing, and intuitive readings.

Susan is a Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Ho’ Oponopono Instructor, and Light Worker. She and her husband own the Nice Rock

Shop at 311 Broadway Street, Paducah, KY. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, Nice Rock Shop, follow her on social media, or contact her at The website is

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