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7 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Save Mother Earth

The international Earth Day theme for 2019 is to protect threatened and endangered species.

If you’re like me, you love our planet and the millions of the incredible species of plants and animals with whom we share this world.

But like many love affairs, after a while you start to take your partner for granted. You don’t pick up after yourself, you ignore their pleas for attention, and sometimes you are downright mean.

Unfortunately, human-kind has irrevocably upset the balance of nature and as a result we are facing the greatest rate of mass extinctions since the dinosaurs more than 60 million years ago. If we don’t act fast, our own species may be on that list.

Bees are critical to our survival

Think that’s an overstatement? Well, you might not be aware how vital bees are to your survival, but consider this. Pollination makes food available for humankind as well as many other organisms. Bees are critical to the health and viability of crops and native plants which provide habitats for animals, insects and birds. Losing bees would be disastrous. We simply cannot survive without bees. And bees are just one of the keystone species we depend upon that are threatened.

While we can’t bring back species that have already gone extinct, we CAN stop the decline in biodiversity by making more sustainable choices –as individuals, families, communities and corporations. Everything you do MAKES a difference – good or bad.

So what can you do?

1. Be Mindful

Be aware of nature. Whether you’re in a major city or rural community, it’s all around you. Be respectful. Every species has a role to play in the beautiful balance that sustains our lifestyles.

2. Stop Using Poisons

Stop your widespread use of pesticides and switch to more environmentally friendly solutions. Their use is dangerous to many species including our own. There are other methods that are just as effective. Just one example is a mixture of salt, vinegar and soap is an effective weed killer.

3. Decide to be a good steward

Take care of your resources. Make the commitment. You know the drill. Drive less. Keep your vehicle in good working condition to be fuel efficient. Drive slower. Use machinery that is pollution-free. When you do purchase new items, take advantage of the latest energy savings technology. Eat less meat. Eat modestly. Turn the thermostats up or down a few degrees to save energy.

4. Recycle – upcycle

Stop for a moment before you buy that new what-ever. We live in a disposable world. Do you really NEED this? Could you make do with what you have, or upcycle something else? Be a mindful consumer.

Check out the consignment stores. Repurpose and reuse whenever possible. Send your clothes to charity or sell them online. Hand them down to someone else who will treasure them.

5. Reduce

It’s a blessing that we have such abundance in America. But having abundance does not give us the right to over-consume. Make a goal to reduce your consumption (of everything) by 10% in 2019.

6. Be an advocate

Speak out for Mother Earth. Let local politicians know you want recycling options. Support candidates that have environmentally sustainable policies. Take a stand for protecting the environment.

7. Eat Real Food – As local as possible

Real food is so much better for you, and it takes considerably less resources to make! A real strawberry will nourish your body and has less impact on the environment then a strawberry pop-tart.

So now you know 7 simple things that you can do right now that can and will make a positive difference and help to protect our endangered species. If you make these changes and convince 7 people close to you to make positive changes, and they convince their 7 closest friends to make changes, then we can and will save the planet. Join me with the 2019 Earth Day Challenge and Help To Protect Our Species.

Help us celebrate Earthday 2019 during our Celebration event on the 20th from 11 to 4 pm.

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