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Empath Support During a Crisis

Updated: May 15, 2018

Empath support in Paducah KY
The Balanced Empath

-by Susan K. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Coach

When the world explodes in a crisis, empaths can have an amplified response. It's important that you protect yourself and deal with the flood of emotions in a positive, realistic way.

For example, I've never been much of a crier. But recently, as I was writing the prayer for a prayer vigil for a crisis that happened on the other side of the world, I began sobbing rather uncontrollably. Most unlike me. Knowing I'm an empath, I immediately realized I was 'feeling' the nearly global sadness over the attack that had happened.

While I am upset by the events, I knew my sobbing was an exaggerated response. I allowed myself to cry for a while, but also protected myself from falling into a deep depression. See, I knew I was feeling other's sadness, and that unless I put up my 'shields' I could easily be caught up in the powerful fear-based vibrations.

What Empaths Can Do

1. Discern whether the emotions are 'yours' or if you are picking up other people's vibrations and emotions. How to know the difference? Well, I knew I wasn't a big crier and I don't have any direct connection with anyone caught up in the violence. I felt safe in my home, so I determined I was tapping into the more global vibration, not my own.

2. Protect your Mental Health. I have to limit how much of the 24/7 news machine I watch. I want to stay current with the news, but today's news broadcast model involves endless hash and rehash of the event until I become numb. More importantly, I begin to vibrate in that frequency.

Also, limit how much you talk about the crisis and how much you listen to about it from others. Get skilled in gently guiding those around you off subjects that upset you onto more neutral or pleasant subjects.

3. You can only control your own behavior. Let me repeat that. You can only control your own behavior. Make a decision to set the timer on the 'pity party' and when the 'ding' goes off, move on to something that brings you 'up.' Listen to some good music, go for a walk, call an upbeat friend (but don't start talking/ranting about the current event!)

4. If there is something you can do about an upsetting situation, then do it. And sometimes, it's just as simple as praying. When you can get back to your internal peace, you are positively effecting those around you, and they around them, and on and on around the world. So wage peace my friend. Spread Unconditional Love, not fear-based thinking.

Some of my empath friends think that in order to care about others and the world, they have to feel every pain, every sadness, every trauma affecting everyone, everywhere.

Trust me, that's NOT how to show you care. Show you care by taking care of yourself, stay centered in your peace of mind, stay centered in Unconditional Love and Divine Energy. Get back to Joy. Resonate in Love. That's how to help.

-by Susan K. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Coach

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