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How To Join In The Thanksgiving Prayer And Not Feel Like A Hypocrite

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

By Susan K. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer Coach, Reiki Master

Family. Ah, family. You don’t line up with their spiritual, political, or lifestyle traditions. Basically, you’re the odd man out. But they’re your family. Warts and all. After an emotional struggle, you've decided to go home and join your family for the holiday feast.

There will be many tricky situations you’ll need to navigate during your visit. Praying over the food may be one of those. They may know or at least suspect, you have strayed from the family’s traditional religious practices, but you are still expected to join in the family's prayer before the meal.

This may cause a real internal conflict. You may not share their religious beliefs or feel this type of praying runs contrary to your own spirituality. So, how do you avoid a blip in the family harmony around the table?

I hear people say, "I don't pray over my food." Well, for a long time, neither did I. But after I started to get a better understanding of the energetic world, I made sure I blessed my food first. Here's why.

Everything has a frequency or vibration to it. If you want the very most nutrition out of your food, you want it to have the highest possible frequency. Food goes through processing, and its frequencies can be lowered or altered during the process. When you bless the food, you're energizing it and raising the frequencies of whatever you're consuming.

If you want to bring your body's frequencies up to whole and healthy, consume things that have high frequencies. You can do this through eating whole, healthy foods, or you can up the frequencies of anything you consume by infusing it with a blessing, prayer, Reiki, and divine energy. It’s simple and quick!

Here's an example of a blessing that is NOT religious in nature and how I raise the frequencies of everything I consume. I hold my hands over the food or over the plate, I get quiet, and say, “I ask this food be blessed. I bless and thank all who helped bring it to my table. May it nourish my body, make me strong and healthy and help me reach and maintain my ideal weight.”

The blessing I use is very simple. You can modify it to whatever verbiage works best for you. You can discreetly position your hands towards the food and say the blessing in your mind while they recite their prayer.

The first time I did this, I thought about all the hands that brought the food to my table. Think about that for just a moment. Let's say you are about to eat an apple. Consider all the people who brought that apple to your table.

There's the farmer. There's the seed grower that sold the seeds to the farmer. There are laborers in the field. There are the workers who picked the apple. If it's automated, it's all of the people who created the machines that picked the apple. There's the truck, the driver, and those who unloaded the truck that brought apple to the market. There's the marketplace. There are the clerks at the market the people who made those little stickers for labeling the apple. There are advertising people, printers, the people who created and made the machines to print those labels. And on and on it goes. Think of all, the many thousands of people who actually made that apple possible for you to bite into and go, "Ooh, that's a good apple. Yum!”

When I blessed my food like this for the first time, it was like this energetic explosion outward from me that went all the way up and down the chain of people that helped bring that food to my table to nourish me. It was amazing! I was hooked. Since then, I be sure to bless everyone who's helped to bring it to my table.

After a little bit of practice and some time, I've noticed as I bless everyone in the chain, there'll be someone or something that pops up. For example, a worker in a factory, that's having a tough day. Somehow, I intuitively know that person needs a little extra blessing, and so I energetically send them a blessing and a smile and give them a little divine hug. I don't know who they are, and it doesn't matter. I just know that someone along that line had a little resistance to the blessing that I sent out and it's like, oh, there's a little resistance. There's a little blockage right there.

So, I send a little extra, "You are loved, appreciated, and the angels are with you. Whatever is bothering you, it's going to be okay. It's going to work out. Thank you for getting this food to me. You are appreciated." I know they'll be standing there and all of a sudden, they'll feel better, or they smile. They will never know how or why, but they know that they've been blessed.

When it comes time to join in the family prayer before the feast, try this simple, non-religious blessing. I think you'll be amazed at the difference that it makes when you bless your food. And the family will be pleased to have you join in the prayer. And isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? A sense of community and family? Happy Thanksgiving all!

The Rock Shop, which sells healing crystals, aura cleansing salt soaps, aura scrubs, aromatherapy, and candles for any of your ritual needs. Contact the shop or stop in for more info. She is a Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Ho’ Oponopono Instructor, and Light Worker. She and her husband own the Nice Rock Shop at 311 Broadway Street, Paducah KY. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, Nice Rock Shop, follow her on social media, or contact her at The website is

©Copyright 2021, Susan K. Edwards

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