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Mabon / Fall Equinox - A Time of Balance

By Susan K. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer-Coach, Reiki Master

The autumnal equinox arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on Wednesday, September 22, at 2:20 pm (CST). Also called the September or fall equinox, it is the astronomical start of the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere and of the spring season in the Southern Hemisphere.

There are two equinoxes every year – one in September and the other in March. An equinox is when the Sun shines directly on the Equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal. It is a perfect time to reflect on balance.

Cultures around the world, and throughout history have celebrated equinoxes in a variety of ways, including festivals, rituals, ceremonies, and feasts.

During the fall equinox, Mabon is the fall mid-harvest festival and honors the changing seasons, and celebrates the second harvest. Mabon celebrations take place on or around September 21 and run through the 29th. Just to make things even MORE festive, the 20th is the Full Harvest Moon!

A Few Ideas to Celebrate Mabon

There are many ways and traditions to celebrate the change of season. Depending on your spiritual path, some may be more familiar than others. But no matter your tradition, here are some wonderful ways to celebrate this time of year.

#1 Create a Sacred Space or Fall Altar

Focus on Balance. While we may enjoy a bright sunny day, there are benefits to enjoy the dark, quiet night. We can see the stars and the moon shine bright. Both have their place in life.

Collect (mindfully and with respect) fallen leaves and other objects to decorate your altar and honor nature and plants for an abundant harvest.

#2 Commit to Finding Some Balance

If things could be going more smoothly in your life, it’s a sure sign things are out of balance. This is the perfect time to commit to finding balance and getting things back on track.

Journal for a week, noting what’s working, what’s not, what’s bringing joy, and where you are frustrated. Meditate with the intention of finding balance. Know once you are back in balance, the solution will be clear and you will have the presence of mind to know what to do next.

#3 Celebrate!

No matter where you are in life, there is ALWAYS plenty to celebrate and give thanks for. If you can’t find a drop of joy anywhere in your life or even a smidgen of something to celebrate, go back to #2 and FIND SOME BALANCE!

Create your own tradition. Read about others and history. There are many ways to honor this time of year. Let the focus this September be balance.

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