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Heaven & Earth High Summer Psychic Fair Join us for a fun and inspiring day!


Get a personal reading from several of our local and national psychics. We have psychic mediums, Clairvoyants, Intuitive guides, Tarot, Astrology, Vibrational healing, re-connective and Reiki healing, jewelry, crystals, dream catchers, and magic candles.


Feel good about yourself and learn how to transform your life with these holistic services.

Brandt Graves is a psychic clairvoyant and natural medium. He recognized his gift at age 7 after a near death experience. Brandt uses tarot cards and cosmic guides in his intuitive readings. Brandt has solved fiver missing persons cases. His goal is to work with you to help turn your pain into power and to help you recognize your very own intuition. $40 for 20 minutes

Michelle Embree - Michelle is a skilled Oracle who has developed her skills as an Intuitive Reader and a healer of the mind/heart over the course of fifteen years.

Amber Pitt- Amber uses Tarot and intuition to provide spiritual healing, guidance, and insight

Patsy Patricia is a Spirit Listener, Psychic Medium, Meditation Master and Author. She has helped many people who have come to gain insight into their lives and the paths they have been following. She listens and brings messages from Spirit, angels, ancestors and your higher self.

Patsy has been studying the metaphysical for 12 years and has worked to bring out her special intuitive gifts. She has studied with Denise Linn and is a certified past life regressionist. She offers personal readings and group readings via phone and in person. Patsy works to help people find the answers they are seeking with meditation, local intuitive classes and events.

Emelia Fox ~ Medium 

Emelia is a certified natural born medium who specializes in connecting with loved ones who have passed . If your loved ones have crossed over, chances are they are waiting to send messages to help you resolve issues in this life. It is Emelia's passion and purpose to deliver these messages. She does not use Tarot cards. She connects with your loved ones to deliver their messages. 

JoAnna Owen is an intuitive empath as well as a reader of tarot. She uses the major arcana of the tarot to offer guidance and insight to messages from the spirit.

Free admission- Includes lectures, entry in hourly drawings for door prizes (readings, jewelry, energy sessions), vendors
Free Mini-lectures

-Psychic Gallery- Brandt Graves

-Access Consciousness Bars, explained - Debra Palermo

-Clearing Negative Energy - Monica Hardin

-Crystals for Healing and Transformation - Kelly Colwell

-Scrying- Amber Pitt

-Lecture Michelle Embree

Energy Workers

Debra Palermo Debra is a gifted sensitive. She is attuned in Reiki and has been working with Access Consciousness Bars along with other healing modalities for the past five years. After leaving corporate America, Debra made her intuitive energy work a main focus in her life with the intent of freeing herself and those around her. Her goal in working with you is to unlock clarity of body, mind, and spirit.

Aura Pictures!

Ryan DeMovill is a level 2 Reiki practitioner trained in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho style by Reiki master, Roy Hamilton - White, and practices at AromaG's Botanical, a metaphysical store in  Donelson, Tennessee just outside Nashville. Ryan hopes to bring the gift of universal life force energy to those who wish to take charge of their healing and Empower their lives.

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