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Full Moon Abundance Ritual

The Full Moon is the time to focus on bringing abundance into your life. It's a time of peak creative energy and this full moon bath ritual is a powerful way to magically and energetically manifest your best life. It’s also a great way to relax, celebrate and reflect on everything that you’ve been working on or completed since the New Moon!

We’ve created a complete kit with sacred bath salts, a white candle, a Selenite Crystal, and Patchouli incense stick. You can do your ceremony without the kit. Feel free to modify and add your own ingredients and elements to make it your own. The most important element is your intention to celebrate abundance.

Place the infused bath salts in an organza bag to be tossed into the bathwater or hung from the showerhead. The ritual salt breaks up blockages to your abundance and clears the way to your prosperity. The salts are infused with essential oils and herbs.

We use:

• Lavender - Purification

• Thyme - Attract Good Health

• Dandelion - Draw in Good Luck

• Rose Hips - Draw Money, Luck, Good Fortune

• Triple Moon Goddess Essential Oil Blend formulated to amplify and balance female energy with fruity and floral top notes in a base of Pomegranate.

Use the water from your bath as a cleansing tool. Before plugging the tub or stepping into the shower, let the water from your bath or shower run over your hands. Focus on it rinsing all the negativity from you and harmlessly being removed down the drain.

If showering, secure the organza bag and sacred salts on the showerhead so the water runs through the mixture onto your body to cleanse your aura and chakras. If you are taking a ritual bath, put the bag and its contents in your bath water and soak for about 15 minutes. Then shower off. I suggest you don’t dump the contents into the bathwater - you will avoid a cleanup!

After drying off, put on your favorite soft clothes, and using a fireproof candle holder. Secure a white candle in a small container with either sand or salt. Another great method is to melt a bit of wax and secure your candle to a fireproof plate.

Place a Selenite Crystal (you can also use Aventurine, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Moonstone) near the candle to soak up all the positive energy from your ceremony.

Light your candle. Optionally light your incense. Patchouli is a great choice for attracting prosperity, but you can substitute or omit it if desired.

Take a deep breath and declare your intention. Create your own, or you can use this one:

I allow the abundant energy of the full moon to manifest my best life, one filled with all of the Love, Joy, and Happiness that I desire. I allow this here and now.

Watching the flame on the candle, visualize light coming into your life bringing with it your heart’s desire and answers to your prayers. End the prayer with “Amen,” “So be it,” “So Mote it be,” or any closing you are comfortable with.

You can let the entire candle burn or extinguish after you feel calm, refreshed, secure, and grounded. The Selenite Crystal is now programmed to help you with your personal transformations and Divine connections to manifest your best life. Carry the crystal in your pocket or purse or set it beside your bed or where you sit. You can hold it or rub it anytime you like.

Always take care with burning candles. Be sure to use a fireproof holder and NEVER leave a candle burning unattended.

Kit includes: Ritual Salt - Breaks up blockages to your abundance & prosperity.

  • Lavender - Purification

  • Thyme - Attract Good Health

  • Dandelion - Draw in Good Luck

  • Rose Hips - Draw Money, Luck, Good Fortune

  • Triple Moon Goddess Essential Oil

  • Selenite Healing Crystal - Divine Connections, Personal Transformation

  • White Candle - Serenity & Peace

  • Patchouli Incense Sample - Love, Money, Fertility

The Rock Shop sells crystals, aura cleansing salt soaps, aura scrubs, aromatherapy, and candles for any of your ritual needs. Contact her or stop in for more info. Susan K. Edwards is a Licensed Spiritual Healer Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Ho’ Oponopono Instructor, author, and Light Worker. She and her husband own the Nice Rock Shop at 311 Broadway Street, Paducah KY. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, Nice Rock Shop, follow her on social media, or contact her at The website is

©Copyright 2021, Susan K. Edwards

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