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Unlocking Your Inner Potential

Discovering and Leveraging Your Unique Strengths

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Imagine you woke up every morning feeling excited and ready to engage in the new day. What if, before your feet hit the floor today, you knew today you would unlock your true potential, harness your unique strengths, and make meaningful contributions to the world around you? That would be great, right?

Even if you feel such a life isn't within your reach, I promise you, it is. And it all begins with a simple act. What might that secret key be, you ask?

You simply change your perspective to unlock your inner potential.

In a world that often highlights our weaknesses and focuses on fixing what's broken, we sometimes overlook the incredible power and untapped potential that lies within us. But what if a shift in perspective was all that was needed to unlock your true potential? What if you prioritized identifying and leveraging your unique strengths instead of dwelling on your shortcomings?

Ahh. Now that would be powerful. And for some, incredibly difficult. If you've trained your brain to dwell on your shortcomings, your obedient gray matter will be happy to comply. Quantum physics and universal law state that we manifest whatever we give lots of energy to. So, focusing on the glass half-full manifests experiences to validate that the glass is, indeed, half-full.

If you're ready for success, take this 7-day challenge to find out how to bring in what you DO want.

Get Started Unlocking Your Inner Potential

Come with me as we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. We'll delve into how to unlock your inner potential by discovering your strengths. Together, we'll uncover the remarkable abilities that make you who you are and shatter the false narratives that have stood in your way to create a life filled with purpose and accomplishment.

Whether seeking personal growth, career advancement, or more harmonious relationships, this challenge will help. Get ready to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and unleash the power of your unique strengths. It's time to step into the extraordinary life that awaits you.

Identify Your Strengths

The first step is discovering your unique combination of skills, strengths, and what brings you joy. These are the core aspects that enable you to excel in life. When we recognize and cultivate our strengths, we tap into our true potential and experience a sense of authenticity and alignment. But first, you need to identify and embrace them. And yes, we all have strengths!

Get out your journal or notebook and take this 7-Day Strength Quiz. BE HONEST! No one will see this but you. Each day during the next week, tackle one question in your journal.

Take your time. Let the question "sit" in your conscience for a while. Keep your journal with you, and if you get inspiration about one of the daily questions, make a quick note. These insights are gifts from your higher self, Angels, and spirit guides to help you see yourself in the true light.

Spirit will only offer you positive input. If you're getting negative feedback, that's your own perspective taking over. Observe it, write it down, and recognize it as what it is—a false narrative you've either been taught or have adopted.

Strength Quiz 7-Day Challenge

Day 1

What activities or tasks make you feel energized, engaged, and in your element? These can indicate your some of your natural talents lie.

Day 2

Think about specific activities or tasks that bring you joy and make you feel like time flies by. These can indicate areas where your strengths are likely to be present.

Day 3

When do you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in your work or personal life? These are your strengths shining through.

Day 4

Reflect on moments when you have achieved something meaningful or made a significant impact. Identify the skills and qualities you utilized to achieve those accomplishments.

Day 5

What do others often compliment or appreciate about you? Ask a few trusted associates for an honest assessment of your strengths.

Day 6

What strengths or abilities help you navigate and overcome obstacles in challenging situations? These can help during difficult times and indicate your leadership.

Day 7

What feedback and compliments do you receive from friends, family, or colleagues? What do they admire or appreciate about you? This can offer insights into your strengths as perceived by others.

Finishing this 7-day challenge will help to uncover patterns, themes, and recurring thought patterns that can mask your strengths. Understanding your core strengths provides a foundation for leveraging them in various aspects of your life.


So, circling back to our introduction, now that you have recognized some of your core strengths, here's what to do to ensure a great day. Your first emotions of the day are the KEY to setting the tone for the next 24-hours. When you wake up, take a deep breath and give thanks for the new day. Before your feet hit the ground, focus on your heart center and test your emotions. If they aren't something close to joyful, replace them.

Like any new approach, it might feel clumsy until you train your brain to look forward to a potential future rather than focus on the familiar past. If you wake up with a renewal of frustration with someone or something, replace it immediately with a sense of relief you have the internal strength to resolve the conflict.

If you are facing what seems like an unsurmountable situation, feel relief that a higher source is working on a solution. Face the day excited to discover the next step in that solution.

It's not easy to retune negative emotions, and it may take some time. It WILL take effort. But your day will transform when you start your day by upgrading negative emotions and thoughts with something closer to joy and gratitude.

Remembering your uncovered strengths and feeling grateful that your core strengths are there when you need them is a significant first step that, my friend, is the secret sauce to having more joyful, successful days. Namaste.

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Susan K. Edwards, Liscensed Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master
Susan K. Edwards, Liscensed Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master

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