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Tarot for the Harvest Season

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

By Michelle Embree, Spiritual Counselor

Harvest season is the time of year when we gather the fruits from what we have put our efforts into over the past months and prepare for the long winter dreaming of what lays ahead. One of the best ways to center ourselves and discover our deeper thoughts is to prepare a steaming cup of our favorite tea, light a pretty candle and pull out our pen for some Tarot journaling.

Our Tarot deck is always there to help us locate ourselves on the path we walk through life and to show us how to adjust our steps and manage our expectations as we move along. Most of us will face one or more major path changes in a lifetime which do not mean our past is some kind of mistake but rather that those transformations were meaningful steps to the person we have grown to be. Harvest season is the perfect time to look closely at how we have evolved, shed some skin, and weigh our gains.

The card that most openly represents harvest season is the Three of Cups. In the traditional Waite-Smith deck, we see three women lifting their cups in celebration. If you look at the ground they stand upon, you will see the bounty of harvest all around them. Is that what they are celebrating? Or is it the triumph of their friendship? Or maybe they are reveling in an accomplishment they share?

This is a fun Tarot spread perfect for a harvest season journaling session. First, lay the Three of Cups on the table and write about what it means to you personally for this season. What will you be celebrating during harvest? And how will you do it? Write it all out clearly in your journal. Celebration is a meaningful human ritual. It is more than just a party or a special treat, it is a message to our deepest subconscious that we have made a stride and we are ready to enjoy our spoils before moving on to the next set of challenges. Whether we celebrate alone or with others, the act of it is a valuable spiritual signal.

Next, shuffle the rest of your deck for as long as you like. Think back through the year and notice how you and your situations have transformed, notice the efforts you have made, and how others have contributed to further your growth and progress. When you feel satisfied with the shuffle, lay three cards in a line under the Three of Cups.

The first card indicates the kind of effort you have made or the ordeal you have endured. The second card indicates what that effort or ordeal offers you in the present, your harvest. The third card shows you how you can best utilize your gains right now to act as a building block for your future.

Consider your cards and allow them to unlock ideas and realizations that might not have crossed your mind otherwise. If your journal entry seems to veer from the point at hand, let it. Time spent with our cards and our journals is our time to make discoveries and recharge ourselves.

Happy Harvest!

Michelle Embree has been reading tarot professionally since 2012. She teaches the art & philosophy of tarot in workshops, private sessions, and daily over Instagram. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and philosophy from McKendree University and a master of fine arts in writing from Goddard College. You can follow her on her website or Instagram here.

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©Copyright 2021, Michelle Embree. This article was reprinted with permission and was originally published on Michelle's blog posted on August 31, 2021.

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