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Chakra Balance

Discover the state of your Chakra systems with our innovative "Chakra Snapshot & Balancing" service. Utilizing our advanced Bio-Well GDV camera, we provide a comprehensive scan to determine the alignment and status of your Chakras. Our system will identify these imbalances if any Chakras are out of alignment or blocked.


Following the scan, we create a unique music file featuring specific tones to balance your Chakras. This personalized soundtrack, combined with colored light therapy, crystals, aromatherapy, and affirmations, helps to remove blockages and realign your Chakras, promoting overall well-being and balance. Experience a holistic approach to energy healing with our complete system to achieve harmony within your body and mind.


Includes scan, music file, a therapy session with light therapy, aromatherapy, and affirmations. You will also receive a complete report, expanded affirmation sheets, and a journal worksheet to track your progress.

Allow up to 30 minutes

Follow-up sessions are recommended to track your progress.

1 Session - $75

3-Session package - $180 (20% discount)

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