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Past Life Regression

Journey to the past to gain insight into your present.

Meet Rober Gaither, Reiki Master, Past Life Regession Specialist. 

Rob Gaither is a dynamic and multi-faceted Light Worker, renowned for his deep commitment to holistic wellness and spiritual growth. As a Reiki Master, Rob harnesses the ancient art of energy healing to restore balance and harmony to his clients' lives. His expertise in Past Life Regression offers a unique window into the soul's journey, providing profound insights and healing opportunities. Rob's skill in BioField Tuning, using sound as a healing tool, demonstrates his innovative approach to health and well-being. Additionally, as a Bio-Well GDV camera facilitator, he adeptly captures and analyzes the energy fields of individuals, offering a cutting-edge perspective on personal energy health. His intuitive card readings further reflect his diverse talents, offering guidance and clarity. With a compassionate heart and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, Rob Gaither stands out as a guiding light in the world of holistic health and spiritual exploration.

Robert Gaither, Reiki Master

Book your first session until the end of February 2024 for the introductory price of just $50. (Normally $75)

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