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Spring Horoscope - How the Stars Will Impact Your Life

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Welcome to the first full week of the Aries (March 21 – April 19) season. The recent Full Moon has triggered a release of emotions in the area, “HOUSE” of your chart that is ruled by Virgo energy. So don't be surprised if you are confronted by old issues you're ready to release. It's Spring and time for a cosmic fresh start. But what do the stars say is in store for you this month?

Here's what you need to know about the Zodiac will affect you in the next 30 days. Here we go!

Aries - The full moon in Virgo lights up your chart’s 6th house of work, lifestyle, and routine. This can bring a project or job that you’ve been whittling away on to completion. It can feel like there is a lot to do, or like you’ve already covered a lot of ground. This also might be a time when you make important discoveries about your health and wellness. The sun connects with power planet Pluto, tuning you into the subtext and bigger picture. You can see through mirages and read very deeply into things. The sun enters your sign, Aries, giving you extra power and courage to go after your destiny. May you feel more energized and purposeful over the coming weeks!

Taurus - The full moon in fellow earth sign Virgo in the 5th house can help you materialize your dream romance and play. This can be with your lover or friends. This also might be a moment that you “give birth” to a new project or dream. This can be a fun and sensual time. Your planetary ruler Venus clashes with Uranus, which might feel like things are totally unpredictable, and a change has to happen in order to find stability or mental security. Aries season begins, which can make you more confident and comfortable with taking some time alone for yourself. Enjoy the food, flowers, and fun.

Gemini - Your planetary ruler Mercury connects with unwieldy Uranus, which can have your thoughts racing. This is wonderful for brainstorming, coming up with creative ideas, and thinking outside of the box. There can be a tendency to overthink, so take extra care of your nervous system. The full moon in Virgo illuminates your 4th house a private sector of your chart, bringing your attention to your home and family life. Aries season begins, inspiring you to think about your goals and dreams for the future.

Cancer – Your mind is full of ideas like the full Virgo moon in your 3rd house. You’re eager to learn and soak up ideas like a sponge. There are great teachers to connect with, or you’re able to learn from anyone you cross paths with. The sun connects with the powerful planet Pluto, which deepens trust in relationships. Some vulnerability can make things more intimate and personable. The sun moves into your chart’s house of fame and public reputation, possibly giving you a moment in the spotlight, accomplishments are honored…don’t be afraid to show off!

Leo – The Virgo full moon illuminates your chart’s house of personal resources House 2. This might be a time when you can take inventory of your assets and make adjustments or count your blessings and be grateful—even if it’s not as much as you would want, it’s a blessing. There can be some twists and turns happening in your relationships as love planet Venus clashes with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. Instability in partner relationships may surface, which may offer you clarity. Approaching Aries fire, broadens your horizons and offers fun ahead!

Virgo – The full moon in your sign puts you in the position to accept or deny what energy other people are putting out. In your first House of self, this is a great time for you to be clear with partners about YOUR feelings and boundaries. The sun connects with power planet Pluto, cluing you into power dynamics in relationships and how to bring order and peace into relationships that seem stuck. Your planetary ruler Mercury connects with Uranus, the planet of surprises, and may show up in hard to keep up with off-the-cuff or unusual situations. Express yourself in new ways to keep things peaceful.

Libra –You’re getting a better understanding of yourself and your vast inner world as the full moon illuminates the private and secretive sector of your chart House 12, peeking into the subconscious. Process your feelings, dust off the skeletons in the closet. Take a hands-off approach and remember that acceptance and forgiveness are the goals. The sun connects to planet Pluto, which can shine a light on unconscious behavioral patterns. This is a time to take a personal inventory of our fears, blind spots, and hangups as the sun enters brave Aries and brings heroes into your life.

Scorpio – You are seeing your dreams materialize with this full moon in Virgo in your House 11, the house of hopes and dreams. A goal may be reached, objectives fulfilled. Or maybe it’s time to understand your hopes in a new way, giving yourself more space to dream. Relationships with your family or household are active as Venus clashes with Uranus, the planet of rebellion. Pisces season was a lot of fun, but now it’s time to get back to work. The sun moves into your chart’s house of routine and lifestyle, bringing your energy to charge through your tasks and get your life together.

Sagittarius – Strange things are afoot on the home front as the communication planet Mercury connects with unusual Uranus. This makes space for new ideas to be welcomed into your work environment. The full moon in Virgo in the 10th House brings your work projects to completion. There is a lot to be grateful for in your domestic life, even if it’s a little wacky or unconventional! The sun connects with power planet Pluto, showing you how you can turn your little stash into a big pile of treasure. You’re eager to get out and play this weekend in fellow fire sign Aries.

Capricorn – You’re seeing how far you can go as the full moon in fellow earth sign Virgo brings you far away. This can materialize as distant travels or a graduation of sorts. This full moon in Virgo in your 9th House marks a time when you can physically witness your ideas and beliefs come to life. The sun connects with the power planet Pluto in your sign, which gives you a lot of muscle when it comes to pushing toward your dreams. You might be open to different ways of getting where you need to go. You make your own rules! Aries season begins, illuminating your chart’s house of home and family.

Aquarius – The full moon in Virgo shows you what other people have as it falls in your chart’s house of shared resources House 8. Sharing, intimacy, and healing are all big themes at this time. This is a good moment to ask for anything that you need, or even be the person who is generous and helping others. Maybe you realize that you have been in their position before, and it gives you the motivation to help them. Venus clashes with Uranus, and you’re ready to bring about beauty and harmony in a way that might come as a shock to others. Aries brings a faster pace.

Pisces – You have a special way of seeing the world when Mercury, the planet of the mind, connects with unique Uranus. The full moon falls in your opposite sign, Virgo, in the 7th house bringing relationship matters to life and issues dealing with others to a head. There can be a realization and a chance to see what they think! There is a deeper understanding of your friends and their psyches as the sun connects with Pluto, the planet of the underworld! This full moon gives the gushing energy of a Pisces a chance to slow down the rhythm, just before the tidal wave of Aries energy.

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