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This month in Astrology ~ June 2021

By Rhonda Powell, C.A.P.

Moon in Pisces

The first day of the month is an ideal time to clean your house, charge your crystals to make Moon water, and glean insight from the Moon. On June 1st, the Moon enters Pisces. Keep the tones of a compassionate, selfless Pisces Moon close to your heart this month. June 1st is a Tuesday, ruled by Mars the initiator. What do you want to set in motion? Where do you shine? With the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10, there's definitely a sense of new ideas waiting to be born in our lives.

Less fortunately, Mercury will be retrograde during this eclipse, forcing us to remain in an uncertain incubation period for a little while longer. On June 22, Mercury turns direct and we'll start to get some of the clarity we need to flesh out our plans and move forward with them.

Venus in Cancer

Venus is in Cancer from June 2-June 27, 2021. In Cancer, Venus is nurturing, protective and self-protective, cautious, and fertile. We experience many emotional ups and downs in love under this influence due to increased sensitivity and impressionability. We are tender, romantic, and attached. Cancer love is dedicated, warm, and devoted. We show our love through our devotion, care, and concern. We are affectionate and cuddly, and are at our best when we feel safe and secure.

The Moon is New in Gemini

On June 10, 2021, at 6:53 AM EDT. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse occurs close to the inferior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, which marks the middle of the Mercury retrograde cycle. We’re looking back before moving forward.

Mars enters Leo

Mars is in Leo from June 11-July 29 2021. In Leo, Mars is proud, self-confident, and grand. We are spirited and have grand goals. We go after what we want in a direct, self-assured manner, desiring dramatic results. We prefer not to worry about details, and take the least complicated route to our goals. The passion for life is high.

The heat turns up when Mars enters fun and fiery Leo! Mars is the planet of motivation and action, and while he moves through this sign of expression and enjoyment, our personalities surge and we seek pleasure in all that we do.

Leo is a take-charge sign who follows its heart and takes an active role in everything. We aren't willing to sit and watch the world go by while Mars is in Leo. We want to play a role, be active, and express our feelings in the most colorful ways!

Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13th, 2021, stays in this mutable water sign until July 28th, 2021

Now in Pisces, Jupiter expands our awareness of our spirituality and compassion. Jupiter in Pisces encourages us to give of ourselves and embrace compassion and imagination. We’re spiritually open, but we also need extra space and time to ourselves to recoup our energy. Being in tune with the universe is draining, after all!

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn forms a square with Uranus on June 14th, 2021 and will stay in Aquarius for just under five months. With this longer-term aspect (Saturn forming a square to Uranus), there can be tension experienced as our needs for freedom and spontaneity seem to clash with a need for structure and stability. Ideally, we can find creative ways to satisfy these diverging needs, perhaps by giving form to our ideals and quest for progress.

Rules and limitations can feel more challenging to tolerate, but without some lines drawn, life feels too chaotic. Attempts to assert our individuality, freedom, and originality tend to undermine our feeling of being grounded and secure, yet, we are not satisfied when we conform. There may be sudden and unexpected twists that force us to do something different or free ourselves from old habits.

Adjusting our plans may be in order, and striking a balance between convention and innovation is the challenge. Setbacks tend to be temporary and often lead to new, more creative paths or solutions. While this aspect is active, however, we can feel some real frustration related to differences in opinion that feel more problematic than usual, blocking progress or leading to delays. People we relied on may seem less reliable at this time.

We have an unusual situation in which Saturn, the conservative planet, is in a progressive sign, Aquarius, while Uranus, the progressive planet, is in a conservative sign, Taurus. At times, these energies can feel oppressive and we might feel that we’re often at cross-purposes, even when the end game is similar.

Saturn in retrograde will have three distinct phases in 2021.

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