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Discover a piece of Paducah's intriguing history with our exclusive 'Atomic City Bracelets.' Since the 1950s, Paducah has earned the nickname 'Atomic City' for its pivotal role in uranium enrichment. Crafted from radiant uranium glass beads (perfectly safe to wear), these bracelets are amazing in regular light but glow under black light! They serve as a vibrant memento of Paducah's rich heritage. Available only at The Wildhair Studios' Rock Shop, these bracelets are a must-have for locals and visitors seeking a unique souvenir that truly shines. 


Each elastic bracelet will be unique! All will glow under a black light. 

The "Ring" selection is one size fits all, typically a thumb and will include 2 rings for the $25

The "Flashlight" selection is a blacklight flashlight for showing off the Uranium Glass Bead green glow. 


Choose your size. 

Atomic City Bracelets

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