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7 Steps To Break A Curse Someone Put On You

Your first step is to verify you actually HAVE a curse against you. Actual curses are RARE! Eliminate ALL other possibilities first. See a medical professional if your health is suffering. You may have a physical issue that can easily be addressed.

Oftentimes people think they have been cursed when in fact, they are overwhelmed by negative energy around them, having a string of bad luck, or suffering from the consequences of poor decisions made in the past.

Once you verify you are cursed, relax. The most powerful ingredient in a curse is your belief that it has power over you. It doesn’t! Take a deep breath. Most basic curses can be easily broken by following these 7 steps.

We sell a Curse Breaking Kit for $26.99

1) Cleanse your space. Use the smudge or incense to clear your area. For instructions on how to smudge, go to for instructions. Clear your aura and chakras. Use the organza bag with sacred herbs, essential oils, and clearing salts supplied in your kit, or make up one of your own. You can put the bag in your bath water and soak for about 15 minutes or tie the bag to your shower head so the water flows through the cleansing mixture while you shower. (don’t dump the contents into the bathwater or you will have a cleanup!)

2) Cut Your Cords. Visualize energetic cords between the two of you around the solar plexus area (your gut area). You do not need to know who sent the curse and distance makes no difference. This also works with situations, such as jobs or traumas. Use the Kyanite or Selenite crystal to "cut" the energetic connection.

You can say:

"With this crystal and the energy in it, I cut through the energetic cord between myself and 'Name of person or situation' and I dissolve any kind of energetic curse (s)he has on me.

3) Return to sender (or source) spell. NEVER send anything 'extra!' Simply return whatever has been cast your way, back to its source.

Write the main elements of the curse that you want to eliminate on the bay leaves or paper. You can write more than 1 thing on a leaf if desired. Put the sand provided in the kit into a fireproof ashtray, burning bowl, fire pit, or container and position the black protection candle in the center of the sand.

You can light the bay leaves with the candle or matches and allow them to burn. Be sure not to leave any burning objects unattended! Use a fire pit or other safety measures to burn the leaves. Be careful outside if it is windy.

See the elements of the curse being burned away from your life and transmuted back into neutral energy.

4) Bury the Ashes. Once cool, take the ashes and bury them near water if possible. Thank the water and Mother Earth for transmuting and healing the negative energy. Ask that the transmuted energy be returned to source for the greater good of all.

5) Create or reinforce your personal protections and barriers against negativity and evil. Use and carry crystals, salt, or another protection talisman to protect yourself in the future. Place one of the obsidian crystals from the kit at the front and back doors. Visualize a grid of protection covering the doorway preventing any evil or negativity from entering. You can also spread a small line of black salt on the thresh holds to keep evil from coming in.

6) Do a clearing ritual about once a week (or as often as needed) with smudge, clearing sprays, or incense to keep your space clear and free of negative or stale energy. Keeping your space clear allows you to notice when things aren't "right" or light, positive and happy.

7) Hire someone to break the curse. Most of the time, you can easily break a basic curse yourself. However, if you don't feel comfortable or able to break the curse, consider this option.

Finally, if you need additional help, we can do remote clearings for a fee. We charge a non-refundable $75 evaluation fee where we have one of our professionals tap in and determine whether or not what’s going on is actually a curse. If it is not an actual curse, you will be sent the report and a list of recommendations. If it is discovered it IS a curse, you can expect to spend at least $500 to $1500 or more to have it removed.

The good news is that MOST basic curses can be easily broken by following these 7 simple steps.

Remember, under NO circumstances should you send a curse to whomever you think might have cursed you! This is dangerous for YOU, not them. Remember everything you send out will return to you three-fold. Don’t do it! Even if you think they deserve it, it’s just plain a bad idea.

Advice and products to remove curses are sold as curio items only and do not promise any metaphysical outcomes, miracles, magical effects, or consequences when using our products.

To purchase the Curse Breaking Kit, click here.

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