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November's Mystical Full Moon Magick

By Michelle Embree, Spiritual Counselor

November's full moon (Friday, 11/19) is sometimes known as The Mourning Moon, The Snow Moon, Fog Moon, Moon of Storms, or Beaver Moon. This year, the November full moon will coincide with a partial lunar eclipse that will last over three hours and the full eclipse for six hours and one minute. According to Space dot com, this will be the longest partial eclipse in 580 years. When the eclipse peaks, the Earth's shadow will cover 97% of the moon's face which is likely to turn a deep red. This maximum eclipse moment will happen at 4:03 AM EST.

This event sounds mystical just looking at the forecast. If we add some intention, a little coziness, and some style we will make a magical and meaningful weekend for ourselves.

What kind of warm drink do you feel like? Maybe a peppermint stick tea, molasses hot cocoa, or cinnamon apple cider comes to mind. Something sweet and comfortable seems like a nice touch for a rare astrological event. Choose something that offers you support as you reflect over your shoulder on the past year. You might want to pick your beverage out ahead of time, so you can look forward to it, imbue it with your intention to drink it for a very special purpose, for a special moment in time.

Try writing a short note to the moon. This need not be anything fancy or poetic. The point is to take direct action toward your relationship with the moon. Write a note to say hello or thank you or introduce yourself or extend an invitation; acknowledge your relationship with the moon. Art and altar magic can be beneficial if you enjoy creating such works, but a simple sticky note left on the fridge can easily become the sweetest of all things.

Break Old Habits

The Mourning Moon is a good time to break habits, move on from what is over, record positive memories, and reflect on who you are and how you feel when you are in your element.

If you want to break an old habit, do it the same way you start a new one. Notice what stimulus cues your desire to engage the habit. It could be as simple as a thought that sets you off. Locate the cue then redirect the process and reward the redirected effort. It is best if your reward is a positive thought, genuine high regard toward the self for having taken the action. This moon makes a wide-open emotional space for us to examine what creates the conditions under which we act on impulse.

This is a great night to use your firepit. If you prefer candles, consider one on your table. If you have a safe way that you like to burn old ideas, do it. This is the best opportunity to notice what you are ready to put behind you and make a ritual of letting it go.

Harness the Wisdom of Tarot to Create Your Desired Future

Here's a four-card Tarot spread to serve as a starting point for your journaling or your quiet, meditative processing.

Shuffle your deck with a fairly open question about what is available to go for good, and what to invest your focus into as a potential source of energy or your continued growth and enjoyment.

When you are ready, lay out four cards at each of the four points of an imaginary compass.


Stretch here! Stretch upward and reach for bringing this into your life or your emotional world.


Something you no longer need to carry. You might feel you owe someone. Acknowledge fears and ways that you self-harm.


Something you are ready to begin. The very beginning of anything is just an idea so if that is all you have so far, incubate it now so you can plant it in the early spring.


This card is a helper for you, here to assist with sweeping out what you have discovered in the West. It will be beneficial to sweep your house or stoop and imagine this card is helping you to carry out the mental baggage along with the actual dust.

FREE Tarot Spread Worksheet Click to download

Enjoy your time.

--Michelle Embree

Author of; Daydream Tarot: A Basic Guide For Visionaries

Instagram: @Michelle_Embree

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