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13 Full Moon Moon Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of!

When thinking about what to set out and charge during the full moon, we always grab our crystals and water. But what else might benefit from all that lovely lunar energy? Let's take a look at some alternative things you definitely want to consider.

1. Honey Jars / Sweetening Jars

spell bottle, collection of items for magic
Honey Jars & Sweetening Jars

Some of the magical properties of honey include love, purification, abundance, fertility, and beauty.

To make a midnight honey jar, in a container with an airtight lid, place your ingredients that match the intention into the jar. As you place each ingredient charge it with your prayers, spells, and intentions. Once all the ingredients are added cover with the honey and stir clockwise preferably with your finger or a cinnamon stick that you will add as a booster to the jar. Pray to your guides, ancestors, totems, or deities as you seal the jar closed. Traditionally this jar is placed on your altar for 3, 6, or 9 nights and shaken each day.

Instead, place out where the moon will charge it the day before, day of, and day after the full moon. Shake each evening when the moon comes out. After those three days, place on the altar and continue shaking each day until intention has been reached.

2. Lemons

I recently made lemonade with my solar eclipse water and thought it would be even better to charge the lemons themselves. You can use the lemons in any recipe you like whether it’s lemonade or my favorite honey lemon ginger chicken marinade. You can also use the charged lemon for invisible ink!

I like the idea of using the lemons whose magical properties include removing hexes and jinxes, eliminating negative energies, and are the symbol of happiness in China. Its also associated with the sun.

One very powerful use would be to charge lemons in an eclipse, those lemons would shine a light on the shadows or hidden things that need to be resolved in connection with that specific eclipse. For instance, the full moon eclipse in Scorpio, that just occurred could be used to shine light and break up any negative energies surrounding Scorpio energies or any issues that are associated with where Scorpio is in your natal chart.

Pitcher of tea at night
Make Moon Tea!

3. Moon Tea

Who doesn’t love a good sun tea? Here in the south, I doubt you’d find anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good ice-cold glass! Did you know you could make teas just as well by moonlight? The cold brew tea packs work wonderfully for brewing under the full moon.

4. Salt

Salt is the greatest balancing agent we have, charge by the full moon to bring energies into balance. Then use the salt in cooking, bathings, scrubs, or spells.

5. Candles

Candles love a good moon bath! Charge those babies up!

6. Beauty products

The moon is the queen of beauty and we can use that to add a bit of glamour to our beauty products whether it be the lotion or the eyeshadow. The items may be too delicate (or expensive!) to leave outside, so set them in a window where the moon can shine on them.

7. Cooking items

Set out your favorite spatula, apron, or dish to imbue them with the abundance of the full moon.

8. Special outfits

Got a job interview, competition, or special date? Hang your clothes in the moonlight to add a little glamour and set your intentions.

Full moon ritual altar
Some Full Moon Altar Ideas

9. School work

Need to ace that essay or dissertation? Shine that moonglow upon the papers or textbooks. Or even set out your writing tools

10. WIPS (Work in Progress)

WIPS or “Works in Progress” of any creative endeavor can be taken to the next level by a moonlit charging. Especially if you have a creative block. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sketch, a scribble, or a written description of what you want to create, the moon can help you break through to the other side.

11. Jewelry

Jewelry is something we often forget to clear, charge and program. But often the crystal or gemstone is in need of more than a physical cleansing. Energetically clearing and charging your jewelry under the full moon can help clear day-to-day stale energy that builds up on your jewelry. Recommend you set them on your windowsill in the moonlight instead of placing them outside. Shiny pretty things are a magnet and you certainly don't want to lose any of your goodies!

12. Sacred items

Sacred items have traditionally been charged with the energies of the full moon, give them a moonlight party and you’ll be surprised how happy they are.

13. Tools

Whether you are an artist with a paintbrush, chainsaw, digital pen, calculator, or scale; set them out during a full moon to level up your creative energies and inspirations.

So there are 13 great ideas on how to harness the full moon energy. Of course, we take for granted you will make moon water and put your crystal babies out for charging, but take these ideas and use the moon's energy to improve all areas of your life.

~Shelly Kay, Magickal Herbalist

Shelly Kay Head Shot woman with glasses
Shelly Kay, Magickal Herbalist


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