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Affirmations Inspired By Archangel Michael

~By susan K. Edwards

In one of my meditations during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in March 2020, Archangel Michael asked me to share his message with you. There is a video if you are interested, and I was also instructed to make his message available in other ways, like these affirmations and meditations. This is a result of those requests. What Are Affirmations? Affirmations are powerful tools to help you refire and rewire your brain. Persistent thought patterns can shape our reality. Some thought patterns are good and benefit you… like brushing your teeth every day. Some thought patterns are false narratives, remnants of old ways, other people’s concepts or thinking that were imposed upon you. They were never in balance and need to be evaluated and adjusted. There are many ways to make positive changes in your life. Affirmations is one of them. I share them with you because affirmations have been powerful tools for me personally. I have and do use them, and they have changed my life. I trust that you will find the perfect answer to any question and Divine inspiration to address any challenge you may be facing. How To Use Affirmations Print out this list. Better yet, hand write them out on 4x6 cards, on post-it notes, in your journal, or some other notebook. Feel free to modify them to more closely fit you. Add additional ones if you are inspired to do so. These are suggestions… a starting point for you. Use the ones that resonate with you. Make them your own. You can listen to the meditation while you move around your day. Download the audio and play it on your smart device. Play them as you go to sleep at night. Keep them low and repeat them during sleep. Maybe put in your ear buds and listen while you study or work. Get quiet and meditate with them. Repeat them out loud while you drive. Do what works for you. Just be sure to do it if you want positive change. I like to write them on post-it notes and stick them around the house where I will see them during the day. Anything that keeps them in front of you will work. But you must use them for them to be effective! Remember we are working to rewire your brain. Literally. This will take some amount of effort on your part. Sorry to say there is no magic pill. You have to do the work. Feels Weird & What I’m Saying Is Not True Affirmations are likely to feel weird or contrary to reality. Yup. They may be. Like an affirmation about being calm when your anxiety is raging. That’s the point here. If what you desire is peace of mind, you MUST change something, or you will get more of the same. It WILL feel weird at first. Keep at it. Affirmations must be repeated for them to be effective. If you want improvement, make a commitment to repeat them for a period of time – say 30 days. Have a regular time of day you commit to do your spiritual work. First thing in the morning or last at night are always effective. Just do it! Inspired Affirmations From Archangel Michael’s message, there were several prominent themes. One was to wake up spiritually and another was to get balanced. He challenged us to see disruption as a gift – to show us what’s not working and where we are not aligned to God’s Divine plan or out of balance in our lives. Below are some affirmations inspired by Archangel Michael’s guidance to find a real solution to your situation. Seeing The Bigger Picture I now choose to be spiritually awakened. If I am experiencing fear, I now recognize it as a false narrative. I now see it as a warning that I am in an unsafe place. I choose to move emotionally, energetically or physically to a safer place. I quiet my mind and tap into the Divine within where I know all that I need to know. It is in this quiet place I gain a clear sense of my best course of action. Centered in God’s Divine Love, I am perfectly able to assess the situation accurately and determine the best course of action. I see things as God would have me see them and I am no longer fearful. See Yourself As Who You Truly Are

I am ready to awaken to my higher spiritual self. I am a spiritual being having a physical experience and all that I am is safe. I recognize myself as a Spiritual Being having a temporary physical experience. The true me, my spiritual self, my soul is eternal and cannot perish. I am willing to adjust my beliefs and behaviors to more perfectly calibrate myself to the harmony of God’s Divine Love. I now recognize I am one with all. I am not alone. God is always with me and I am always with God. I am a cherished child of God. I am loved. I am worthy. Make Adjustments To Better Align To Your Divine Plan And Navigate Life’s Challenges In my new, awakened state, I see clearly what could be adjusted in my life to more closely align to my higher good. I face those changes fearlessly. I let go of any resistance to change and have all faith it will reveal my higher good. Getting Calm & Centered Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out I smile. I am confident in my abilities. I am peaceful. I choose to focus on thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that serve my higher good and the higher good of all. I choose to make adjustments to maintain my Divine balance. With every breath, I release the anxiety within me, and I become more calm. Within me is a peacefulness that comes from being centered in God’s Divine Love. I stand steady and balanced with God. I acknowledge God’s got this and all I need to do is my part - which is living in God’s Divine Love. I am ready and able to move through all the challenges life may bring. How To Move Into More Peace Of Mind, Joy, Love, Prosperity And Health

Centered in Divine love, I radiate harmony. I choose to work on my inner self and let go and let God take care of the rest. I release false beliefs. I choose to get and stay in balance at all levels of my being. I am free to enjoy perfect Love. I am loved. Knowing God’s plan, I breathe in peace. I breathe out, peace. I choose to enjoy each moment and celebrate it as precious. That brings me great joy and peace of mind. I choose to live peacefully moment-to-moment. I now recognize fear as a warning I’m not seeing things as God would have me see things. I return to my peace of mind quickly as I readjust my thinking. Healing Yourself Attuned to the Divine, I experience healing at all levels of my being. I accept my good. Centered in God, I am secure and peaceful. I am balanced and grounded. I breathe into the healing power of God. I accept God’s Divine healing now. I recognize healing can and does take place at many levels of our being. I choose to take responsibility for myself, my mind, my body and all of my emotions. I am willing to make adjustments in order to more perfectly align with God’s Divine Love. What Is To Be Done I am relieved to know when I love and empower myself, I love and empower others. And that is all I need do. I choose awareness that my actions affect others. I choose to live my life in such a way to empower myself and others. I choose to be a good steward of all God’s gifts. I choose to be a good steward of HIS house and all that is in it. I choose to live in harmony with nature and all her diverse life. I choose to live my life as an awakened soul. I choose to live my life in harmony with God’s Divine Love. I choose to live whole, healthy and sustainably. I choose to make adjustments to my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in order to empower myself and all of God’s children. I am a good steward of my abundance. This is a rich and abundance Universe and there is plenty for all. Be In Gratitude I am grateful to God for all His gifts and treat them as sacred. I choose to live my life in Gratitude. I choose to see everything as a gift from God and treat it as sacred. I choose to see the beautiful Divine potential within me and all around me. Do Not Be Afraid I confidently more forward faith-filled and joyful. I joyously flow with changes life brings to me. I am flexible and resilient I transcend stress of any kind. I live in peace. I treat each moment as sacred. Centered in God’s wisdom, I see the bigger picture and know what action is appropriate and needed. Susan K. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer-Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Ho’ Oponopono Practitioner-Teacher, Sound Healer, Light Worker. Her work centers on reminding and teaching those who have forgotten who they are and the frequency of Unconditional God Love. She and her husband own Wildhair Studios’ Rock Shop located at 311 Broadway in historic downtown Paducah, KY. She has written two novels, the latest is a contemporary romance, “Surrender” which she wrote under the pseudonym, Susan K. Morgan. She's penned several inspirational gift books, the latest non-fiction book is ”Smudging: Clear Negative Energy from Your Home and Life.

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