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Beaver Moon Wisdom: Strengthening Your Spirit Under the Full Moon's Glow

Leveraging Full Moon Magic for Spiritual Protection

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In ancient lore, November's Beaver Moon signifies a time when beavers built their winter dams. Just as the beaver readies for winter, we can draw inspiration from nature and harness this lunar energy to fortify our foundations and prepare our spiritual and physical "lodges."

Astrologically, the Full Moon is a time of culmination, urging us to reflect on the past and release what no longer serves us. Use this lunar energy to declutter your mind and space, fortifying your inner resources for the winter ahead. By reflecting on the lessons of the past, you can build a resilient inner sanctuary for the colder days ahead.

Here are a few suggestions for this Full Moon ritual in case you're unsure how to start. Be sure to make it your own!


  • Find a quiet space and close your eyes.

  • Imagine yourself as a beaver, diligently building your spiritual dam.

  • Envision this dam as a strong, protective barrier against negativity and life's challenges.

  • As you mentally construct your dam, affirm your strength and resilience.

Release and Renew Ceremony:

  • Write down aspects of the past that you're ready to release on a piece of paper.

  • Go outside under the Full Beaver Moon.

  • Safely burn the paper, symbolizing the release of old energies.

  • As the paper turns to ash, visualize the moon's light infusing you with renewed strength.

Moonlit Meditation:

  • Find a comfortable spot under the moonlight.

  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths, inhaling positive energy and exhaling any negativity.

  • Visualize the moonlight bathing you in a soothing, cleansing glow.

  • Set intentions for the coming weeks, focusing on personal growth and resilience.

Crystal Charging Ritual:

  • Gather your crystals, selecting ones that align with your intentions (e.g., clear quartz for clarity, amethyst for spiritual growth).

  • Find a serene outdoor space under the Full Beaver Moon.

  • Lay your crystals out, allowing them to be bathed in the moonlight.

  • As the moon's glow envelops your crystals, visualize them absorbing its energy.

  • Speak your intentions aloud, infusing them into the crystals.

In the morning, retrieve your charged crystals, now brimming with the potent energy of the Beaver Moon. Your crystals are now beacons of the moon's magic, guiding and enhancing your journey ahead.

As with any full Moon energy, be sure to bask in the moon's glow and set intentions for the coming weeks. Meditate on your goals and embrace change. This month, channel the beaver's determination to build a strong spiritual dam against life's challenges. May the Beaver Moon illuminate your path and guide you in fortifying the essence of your being.


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