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Spell of the Month ~ January 2022

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

By Susan K. Edwards, Licensed Spiritual Healer-Coach, Reiki Master, Ho'Oponopono

While I recognize I can choose to start fresh every moment of every day, I am particularly aware of the symbolism of a fresh start with the beginning of a new year. While I may not have the option of leaving all of 2021 challenges behind, I DO have the option of seeing the solutions in a fresh, new Love-centered way. Here are some ideas and affirmations to kickstart your January magic and manifestation.

Write what you would like to leave behind you from 2021 on a piece of paper. Use a separate note for each item. Fold the note and hold it in your hand. Pick the affirmation that most fits your issue from the list below. As you hold the note, repeat that affirmation(s) until you feel resolved and at peace about the issue. Tear up the note and put it in your safe, fireproof burning bowl (or firepit). Repeat for each issue you want to leave behind you.

Light a candle and and take a moment to envision what you DO want in your life. FEEL the joy, satisfaction, and relief from it flowing into your life. Once you have finished each limiting issue and declared what you DO want in your life, burn the notes with the old issues. Feel the frustration, pain, sorrow, or sadness from each limiting belief floating away, releasing you to a clear state of being. Feel the joy, relief, and satisfaction of your heart's desire manifesting in your life.

Here are some suggested affirmations and statements. Feel free to create your own.

Inner Peace

I cannot stumble and fall while I’m centered in Divine Love.


I open my heart and mind to Divine guidance in all aspects of my life.


I listen to the wisdom of my body and focus on supporting it in achieving high-level wellness.


I break free from limiting beliefs and accept my good. This is a rich and abundant universe and there is plenty for all.

World Peace

I begin with finding peace within myself. I let it radiate outwards to the world and I am at peace with myself and all others.

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©Copyright 2022, Susan K. Edwards

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